More Reasons to Want Strange Tales #138

by Matt Tuck

Strange-Tales-138-page-15-300x293 More Reasons to Want Strange Tales #138Did James Gunn indirectly confirm that Eternity has been in the MCU since 2014? That’s the story making the rounds, and it could impact prices for Strange Tales #138.

It all comes from the YouTube channel New Rockstars. The theory is that Peter Quill’s mom is actually Eternity and that although her human body died, she has been watching and influencing her son from a distance.


Strange-Tales-138-page-16-204x300 More Reasons to Want Strange Tales #138It’s not been a secret that the mixed tapes Meredith Quill gave Peter symbolized her, but this takes things further with her being Eternity. That leads us to believe that she has been speaking to Starlord through the music.

Many MCU theorists have wondered if Eternity would appear in the movies or series, especially with the Celestials, the Watchers, and the Eternals being part of the mix. Now it appears Gunn, who wrote and directed both GOTG films, has confirmed it. In response to New Rockstars’ theory, Gunn Tweeted, “Haha amazing work.”





GOTG-concept-art-300x129 More Reasons to Want Strange Tales #138Gunn had long touted that there was still one major, undiscovered Easter egg dating back to 2014’s GOTG. If this is indeed the final reveal, it was so subtle that it makes sense why no one pieced it all together until now. In fact, there’s concept art from the original movie that supports this theory.

While it’s an interesting take on Meredith Quill, it’s not official until Gunn gives a more clear reply than simply “amazing work.” Still, it does appear that, yes, Meredith is actually Eternity, and that would make a great story for either the big or small screens.


Strange-Tales-138-203x300 More Reasons to Want Strange Tales #138How does this affect comic circles? It definitely gives collectors a new reason to buy Strange Tales #138, which marked the first appearance of Eternity.

The good part about this issue is the price. When we’re dealing with Silver Age firsts, the price tags can be too steep for many collectors. Since we haven’t seen the actual Eternity in the MCU, and this latest theory has not been made official, Tales #138 is still affordable.

Anything from a 9.2 and above is going to cost at least $1k, but that’s not surprising. Even though this is a minor key, it’s still a first appearance from the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko era. Almost anything with their names together in the credits will fetch higher prices in near-mint grades.

Starting with the 9.0, however, this comic gets much more affordable. Even at that very fine/near mint grade, the fair market value drops to near the $400 mark. If you’re willing to sacrifice the grade, you can get either an 8.5 or an 8.0 for under $250. For that matter, you can go all the way to a nice 7.0 for close to $100.


The Meredith Quill/Eternity theory isn’t going to make prices for Strange Tales #138 skyrocket, but we could see a boost if she appears officially as Eternity. All in all, it’s a fun Easter egg that adds a new layer to her character and builds intrigue for the future of Starlord. As a child of Eternity and Ego the Living Planet, Peter Quill could potentially rival Thor or possibly Adam Warlock.

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