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by Matt Tuck

Ghost Rider’s first appearance isn’t the only Marvel Spotlight you want for your collection. Here are three more from the classic series that are currently flying under the radar.

Marvel-Spotlight-12-204x300 More Marvel Spotlights


The Son of Satan has been thrust into the mainstream spotlight thanks to the news that he will be starring in his own Hulu series. Daimon Hellstrom made his cameo debut in Ghost Rider #1 and his first full appearance in Ghost Rider #2, and it’s ironic that Son of Satan will have a Hulu series while Ghost Rider’s has been dropped from the upcoming slate.

For the Hellstrom fans, this is an important issue. It may not be his debut, but it marks his first solo adventure and his origin all wrapped in one comic. With all the commotion about him coming to live-action, it’s surprising that this issue hasn’t been more popular. In the past 90 days, only nine graded copies of Marvel Spotlight #12 have sold online. However, prices are still on the rise. Take the 9.4. Last year, it averaged $189, but it has jumped to $240 after a sale last month. Similarly the 9.2 sold for $213 in August after averaging $121 in 2018.

Marvel-Spotlight-2-199x300 More Marvel SpotlightsMARVEL SPOTLIGHT #2

With Marvel Studios giving horror-themed superhero movies a try with the upcoming Blade and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Werewolf by Night could make an onscreen appearance. Not to be confused with the dog, Jack Russell first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #2. The issue is still relatively cheap, so adding it to the collection shouldn’t be a problem at this point. Want more on Marvel’s werewolves? Check out, “Gambling on Marvel Spotlight #2 and Amazing Spider-Man #124.”

Certainly, the most famous of the Werewolf by Night issues is the debut of Moon Knight, but this issue could quickly gain in popularity. With the Disney+ streaming service taking advantage of some of Marvel’s quirkier titles, such as What If?, there’s a possibility that Jack Russell will make his debut, either live-action or animated. Don’t be surprised if Marvel drops an Easter egg into the mix.


Marvel-Spotlight-1-vol-1-197x300 More Marvel SpotlightsMARVEL SPOTLIGHT #1

The MCU is such big business that virtually every character is on the table. In Marvel Spotlight #1, you get the first appearance of Johnny Wakely as Red Wolf. The character was meant as a test to revive the western comics genre. Although racially insensitive, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch for Marvel to revamp and incorporate Red Wolf into the fold. The other plus with having this issue is that it’s the first issue of this innovative and historic series.

I’ll follow up with more on the many incarnations of Red Wolf and the keys you’ll want, so stay tuned.


Marvel Spotlight was the testing ground for many concepts from the “House of Ideas.” It makes sense that there are so many first appearances and first solo adventures in the title. With the ever-expanding MCU, this series will only gain in popularity among collectors, and the keys will add value to your collection, but the bigger picture is it gives you a piece of Marvel history.


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