Moonstone Seeks Artist Submissions For New Captain Action Series

by Jeff

Moonstone Books recently announced the upcoming Captain Action comic book series with famed writer Fabian Nicieza at the helm. The series will begin with two six-page teaser tales run in the back of existing Moonstone titles such as The Phantom and Kolchak, The Night Stalker. However, before that can happen, the publisher needs to plug the right artist into the project.

“We’re looking for the perfect artist to team with Fabian,” states Editor in Chief Joe Gentile. “We’re not interested in seeing superheroes, but we are looking for a professional artist who can handle the slick James Bond type stuff as well as the old school stuff.”

If art is your thing and working with Fabian Nicieza on Captain Action is your dream gig, then please submit two consecutive pages of non-colored sequential art. Please no pin ups or sketches. In addition, please do not email links to artwork or website/portfolios. Please email the page files directly to us at .If penciling is your thing, please only send pencilled pages. If you ink as well as pencil, please email us two completed pages of pencils and two completed pages of inks, please make sure they are the same two pages. The files need to be in jpeg format, no larger than comic size, and no more than 300DPI.

So, what are you waiting for? Sharpen those pencils and answer the call to Action!

For more information on Captain Action, follow this link:

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