Moonstone to donate December Skull And Bones profits to Ed Hannigan

by Jeff

51HzLEwmHsL_SL160_ Moonstone to donate December Skull And Bones profits to Ed HanniganMedia Release — Moonstone Entertainment, Corp. announced that it will donate 100% of the profits of Ed Hannigan’s Skull and Bones graphic novel sold on during the month of December directly to Hannigan.

Ed Hannigan, a prolific comic artist of the 70’s and 80’s, fondly remembered for his outstanding and innovative covers, is battling multiple sclerosis. Recently, the Hero Initiative announced a similar project showcasing his work called Ed Hannigan: Covered. Proceeds from this collection also go directly to Hannigan.

With both story and art by Hannigan, Skull and Bones offers the intrigue of a Tom Clancy novel fused with the exciting action of a James Bond movie. It’s a political-espionage thriller set in Yeltsin-era Russia as a disillusioned veteran of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan plans to strike a death blow against the crumbling Soviet Empire. However, he is stopped by a mysterious computer wizard who enlists him in a new struggle against his old commander, who plans to unleash a terrible biological weapon. The KGB trained him, but not for this! “A different kind of country – a different kind of hero.”

“Hannigan’s work has always been amongst our favorites, so we’re proud to create this offer. From now until the end of 2009, we’ll donate 100% of the profits of the orders of this graphic novel made on Moonstone’s website”, said Moonstone Publisher Joe Gentile.

Although the retail price is $15.95, Moonstone is offering Skull and Bones at a special price: $10.95 (which is even less than the Amazon discounted price).

“We’re saddened to hear about Ed Hannigan’s medical struggles” said Ed Catto of Captain Action Enterprises, LLC. “We’ve always been fans, and we sought him out to provide covers for our new Moonstone Captain Action series. Everyone loved his first one for Captain Action #3. We then cajoled him into creating another cover to showcase his trademark “logo smashing” creativity…and he delivered in spades! It will be on sale in spring 2010.”

“We offer our support to Ed Hannigan, and providing the profits from Skull and Bones, especially during this yuletide season, is a small gesture that we’re so very pleased to make”, said Gentile.

When fans purchase Skull and Bones on the Moonstone site: during December, 100% of the profits will be donated directly to Ed Hannigan.

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Moonstone publishes comics and illustrated fiction from the dark side to the light, featuring classic and new heroes in thrilling tales of adventure, mystery and horror. For almost 15 years, Moonstone has created fine and distinct comic books, Graphic Novels and prose…books that are meant to be read.

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