Moon Madness: Quad-Key

by Norman Robinson III

Moon0-Knight-debut-150x150 Moon Madness: Quad-KeyEvery speculator I know has been picking up Werewolf by Night any chance they get. They typically hunt Werewolf by Night #32-33. The first and second appearance of Moon Knight. If they happen to find the comic bin at their LCS empty; then they buy up the third appearance (#37). Why all the interest in Moony? Disney has confirmed there is a TV series with Moon Knight in the works. Hence, the run-up in these books. But before you howl at the moon in desperation; know that the origin story is still dirt cheap and largely forgotten.

It appears from my vantage point on the Moon-Copter that Moon Knight #1 is seen as the first self-titled series and not really focused on the origin story, merely his first in his own title. This book is probably your best bet at this point if you missed out on the moon-dash for moolah. It seems underpriced to my eyes (certainly not flesh rending pricing by any stretch).

This book is not only the first in its own title but also the origin story of Moon Knight. But the hits keep coming and don’t stop there. It is also the “first appearance of Konshu the Egyptian God who Mark Spector serves as it’s an avatar.” Finally, this is also the first appearance of Bushman. That folks delivers it the status of quad-key. Sharpen your moon darts for this hunt. What kind of returns has Moon Knight #1 had over the last few years? Furthermore, how many CGC Census copies exist? Is this a moon gem or just gas from the bean burrito you ate before bed last night?



moon-knight-1-201x300 Moon Madness: Quad-KeyMoon Knight #1

I know David Hasselhoff’s chest hair and 70s man of mystery cover is a little too corny for this day and age. But it is the origin story of Moon Knight and a quad-key to boot. Moon Knight #1 was published in November 1980 and was written by Doug Mench and illustrated by none other than Bill Sienkiewicz. Possibly Sal Buscema worked on the book as well.

The Batman Thesis

This origin story contains a powerful character with depth, delusion, and some cool gadgets. Does this remind you of anyone we know from DC? This character could end up being the Marvel equivalent of Batman. Wait! Wait! Before you impale me with moon darts review the logic. Marvel doesn’t have a Batman type character. It has bits and pieces but Moon Knight could fit the bill. Now, I know this is a big if; but “if” Marvel pulls off a Daredevil type series? Then look out folks this character’s comic books will launch from a Space-X platform headed for Mars, straight up in price. What are the best returns for this book for about 20 years with a model of 730 days?

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Moon Knight #1 9.8 $329 746 +63%
9.2 $59 339 +33%
8.5 $69 151 +45%
6.5 $30 21 +87%


moony-statue-300x225 Moon Madness: Quad-KeyConclusion

The whole package: Batman thesis, TV series, quad-key, and solid returns for the last two years add up to value. The overall returns for each grade are solid, and the grades 9.2 and below are dirt cheap, often folks paying more for less just to get a copy. This combined with the entire package previously mentioned leads me to one conclusion: Moon Knight #1 is an undervalued comic. Additionally, this book is a steal at current pricing. You are hunting the biggest beast in the comic book jungle: profit. Pray to Khonshu for moon strength, you are going to need it to kill this beast. That voice in your head, saying, “buy it now” could be Khonshu speaking to you; or is it just one of your multiple personalities, time will tell?



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Pugilisticphilosopher August 13, 2020 - 12:48 pm

I agree. It is undervalued ..for now. When the Disney series is finally released – watch it climb.
Solid investment that can be had fairly cheap at the moment.

Norman Robinson III August 15, 2020 - 9:50 am

Yep, and I think this character could be a great fit for Marvel’s supernatural realm. Nam

Fadz89 August 17, 2020 - 7:55 pm

Luckily, I still have two copies I bought when it first came out. I was a big Moon Knight fan!

Norman Robinson III September 22, 2020 - 4:56 pm

Yeah, Moon Knight is cool. Especially in the context of a Marvel version of Batman. Interesting character… Nam

Fidencio Manzano August 19, 2020 - 3:57 pm

So in that case I have two yay me WHAT about marvel spotlight #28 why is this book not been mentioned??

Norman Robinson III September 22, 2020 - 4:58 pm

Great question! I will add it to my queue and get create an article for it. Thanks. Nam


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