Moon Knight Episode 2: Secret Avengers #19

by Norman Robinson III

041222B-1024x536 Moon Knight Episode 2: Secret Avengers #19Khonshu was away on vacation for Moon Knight Episode 2, of that I am sure. The episode was fun, if a bit frivolous. It was not nearly as entertaining as the first episode. It did, however, fill in the story a bit more by introducing us officially to Marc Spector, his wife, and two Moon Knight persona. The one takeaway for this episode is obviously this second version of Moon Knight (Spoiler ahead).

moon_knight_2021_1_mr._knight Moon Knight Episode 2: Secret Avengers #19Yep, there is more than one Moonie and this was fun but a little too slapstick for my taste. That said, can “moonie” be made off this newer version of Moon Knight?  I’m talking, of course, about Mr. Moon Knight.

This is basically Steven Grant’s persona in control of some of the powers of Moon Knight. Mr. Moon Knight appears due to a battle of wills between Steven and Marc. The Steven persona has a small win with an entirely new character being created on screen.

Is this newer version of Moon Knight a key worthy of speculation?  What size returns have the Moonie-speculators enjoyed with Mr. Moon Knight?

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Secret Avengers #19 is the first appearance of the Mr. Moon Knight persona shown in episode 2 last week. It looks like this book has some value, but a limited upside from there.

Moon Dollars?

Mr. Moon Knight first appears in Secret Avengers #19  with a value in grade 9.8 of roughly $246 over the last 90 days. The last sale was on April 7th, 2022 for Secret Avengers #19 at $249, and it has been trending above the $200 mark for about 90 days. This return is not bad for a Modern Age comic book. In grade 9.6, this book is up from its Oct 2021 low of $32 to a high of $150. This represents a profitable return of +368%!  If you are in the “moonie”; don’t stay long, take profit now.

mr._knight_0 Moon Knight Episode 2: Secret Avengers #19Mr. Moon Knight

Is Mr. Moon Knight an advisable character to invest your hard-earned quatloo? This is an unequivocal, no!  To put it simply, this character was installed in the series just for laughs. He is kind of a joke that they pulled out of an Avengers comic book to give Moon Knight some comedic moments. It worked, he had a funny scene. But don’t let the laughs go to your head, or at least not your wallet. 

If you have made money on this book, then sell it now. It is probably at its peak. I don’t think we’ll see too much of him (Mr. Moon Knight) in the future. Therefore, I don’t think he’s going to catch on as a super hot commodity anytime soon. That said, his book is from 2011 and is Modern Age with a decent payoff. Sell it now, my fellow Moonies!

Moon-Knights-Khonshu-from-Marvel-Comics Moon Knight Episode 2: Secret Avengers #19Conclusion

It doesn’t take the will of Khonshu to know the show seems to be slipping a bit. We went from cupcake shootouts (cool) to Colonel Sanders cornball humor (corny); the show was kind of a rerun of the first episode minus the solid directing.

The villain in the second act does a decent David Koresh ghetto scene, bravo! There are some nice cinematic Marvel moments, like Moon Knight posing with the crescent moon in the background. Unfortunately, the episode was not revealing, not as fun, or as scary as the first episode. These elements drew you into the character’s insane arc initially.

You know what they say my fellow Moonies? “The third time is a charm”... perhaps episode 3 will blow us all away, pray to Khonshu that is the case.

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Did you dig this episode? Let us know in the comments!

000080221A_Games_2-Footer Moon Knight Episode 2: Secret Avengers #19*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Dave Stevens April 13, 2022 - 10:38 am

Mr. Knight is also a persona from the Ellis Moon Knight series and not the one-off you have been convinced they are. That series is most of the inspiration for the current Disney+ show, by the by.

Kenloi April 13, 2022 - 2:06 pm

Haven’t seen it yet but it sounds like you are being a bit harsh for effect. Marvel is trying something new. I don’t see how a series can be slipping a bit when it’s only on episode 2.Give it a chance. The supernatural age is beginning……

Scott B April 14, 2022 - 1:27 pm

This article posted the same day the third episode came out, when it was pretty clearly shown that the Mr. Moon Knight persona is going to be a recurring theme in the struggle between the Marc Spector Moon Knight and the Steven Grant personality. To me, that means that this character has some staying power and will make things very unpredictable, suspenseful, and entertaining, because it means that even though the Marc Spector Moon Knight is whooping some booty, the Steven Grant Mr. Moon Knight persona is just a mirror’s reflection away from manifesting itself and throwing things for a loop. That’s funny and it makes for a great and unusual twist compared to most superhero shows we’ve seen.

Personally, I am really enjoying the Moon Knight series and pretty much everyone I know likes it too. I hope no one listened to your advice and panic sold their Mr. Moon Knight keys.


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