Moon Knight and the Ancient Egyptian Ennead

by Matt Tuck

041922B-1024x536 Moon Knight and the Ancient Egyptian EnneadThere’s more to Marvel’s take on mythology than just the Asgardians, and Moon Knight has opened the MCU to the gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt. That could spell investment potential for Marvel’s Ennead.

Ennead-300x124 Moon Knight and the Ancient Egyptian EnneadWhen it comes to gods and goddesses, Marvel has a long history of incorporating ancient mythical figures into its comics. With Russel Crowe cast as Zeus for Thor: Love and Thunder and now Khonshu and the Egyptian Ennead arriving in Moon Knight, it paves the way for a broader mythical spectrum.

As we venture into MK’s second half, let’s explore some Ancient Egyptian gods with Marvel origins.


Marvel-Tales-96-209x300 Moon Knight and the Ancient Egyptian EnneadFIRST APPEARANCE: MARVEL TALES #96 (1950)

For 60 years now, the Norse gods and goddesses have been the center of Marvel’s journey into mythology. It’s hard to imagine that the Ennead debuted twelve years ahead of Thor.

This was in 1950 when it was Timely/Atlas Comics, and the Egyptian deities didn’t have their own superhero series, either.

Now that we’ve seen the mystical myths share the screen in Moon Knight, it could have investment implications for this issue.

Currently, there are only 55 copies registered on the CGC census.


Thor-240-198x300 Moon Knight and the Ancient Egyptian EnneadFIRST APPEARANCE: THOR #240 (1975)

Possibly the most recognizable of all the Egyptian gods, Osiris is the ruler of the Underworld.

Similar to the Greek Hades, Osiris monitors the souls as they enter the realm of the dead. The story is that Osiris was once a king, but he was murdered and dismembered by his brother and fellow god, Seth, who also made his full Marvel debut in Thor #240.

It’s hard to imagine MK wrapping up its first season without exploring the two gods’ history.

Out of the 70 blue labels in the census, 44 are graded 9.4 or higher. Sales are few and far between, with a 9.8 realizing $138 all the way back in 2015.


Son-of-Satan-5-195x300 Moon Knight and the Ancient Egyptian EnneadFIRST APPEARANCE: SON OF SATAN #5 (1976)

The Egyptian god of funerals as well as the god of mummification, he is one of the most famous names in Ancient Egypt.

Not to be confused with Osiris, Anubis is more famous for being the god of the afterlife, and he is credited with inventing embalming when he mummified Osiris’ mortal body.

His image is well known with his jackal head. We have already seen his avatar in Moon Knight, so it’s only a matter of time before we see him in the flesh.

Sales of 9.8s have hovered just over the $200 mark for the last few years, though no sales have been made in 2022.


Thor-300-194x300 Moon Knight and the Ancient Egyptian EnneadFIRST APPEARANCE: THOR #300 (1980)

If we don’t see Atum by the Moon Knight season finale, I will demand my money back. Actually, I’ll be more surprised and deal with the disappointment. At any rate, this is Marvel’s version of the Egyptian Zeus and supreme deity, Ra.

With Atum having ultimate power in Ancient Egyptian mythology, it is safe to assume he will intervene and make his presence known when the time is right.

No doubt, he will make a godly entrance that should have collectors scrambling for his first appearance in Thor #300.

FMVs of all grades are well below $100, making this an affordable find with potential for growth.


The way Marvel Comics has explained the existence of multiple mythologies coexisting in the 616 universe is through the Multiverse. They all get their own separate worlds. The Norse have Asgard, the Greeks have Olympus, and the Ennead have a pocket dimension called Heliopolis. Revealing that home world in the MCU could lead to many more Ancient Egyptian mythological characters in the future, which makes it fun to see where MK is heading.

00080221C_Green-Footer Moon Knight and the Ancient Egyptian Ennead*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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