Molten Man is White Hot

by Norman Robinson III

118247_e9e883df15f7f578181a8873c9fa1dd71d07aec0-198x300 Molten Man is White HotThe Spider-Man: Far From Home movie has dropped a trailer and has revealed some of the possible villains for the upcoming Spidey movie. Have you ever heard of Molten Man? Yep, that same comic you bypassed on your way to the early appearance of the Scorpion in ASM #29. If you check out the new trailer, you will see a brief glimpse of this horrific fire creature: Molten Man. The Molten Man first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #28This character was created by Stan Lee (script) and Steve Ditko (pencils, inks) in 1965. The Molten Man’s alter ego is Mark Raxton a scientist who steals a new liquid alloy. Then during a fight in the lab, this alloy gets spilled all over Raxton. His skin absorbs it and turns molten gold (great name for a beer). This liquid gives him superhuman strength, durability, endurance, radiation projection, and heat generation; making him one hot tamale.

Amazing Spider-Man #28

The Molten Man is coming to the next Spider-Man movie, and expect a nice uptick going forward in his first appearance Amazing Spider-Man #28. The (9.6) grade has a $17,000 FMV price, lower grades are a little more reasonable with grade (6.0) at $280, and grade (4.0) has a value of $150 FMV. The return on (9.4) is positive +105.4%, at (6.5) positive+56.6% return and even good minus at (1.8) has an outstanding return this book has shown a +136.1% ROI. Yes, the profit margin here is searing (wait for it) yep, hot as molten lava. This key book is just at the beginning phases of thrusting into the media spotlight. Are there any other comics that are affected in a positive way by this upcoming movie?


165844-300x150 Molten Man is White HotTo the left is a screenshot from the trailer of Spider-Man: Far From Home. This has been hypothesized to be the molten man. There is also a great picture of the Molten Man on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #133. One of its most recent sales was $715 during the month of December in grade (9.8). This yields a return of positive +15.4% over the long haul, and short-term the (9.6) has returned about +28.6% over the last 6 months. This trend will continue to heat up and should be a good middle to lower grade purchase even after the movie. If the Molten Man catches on and is not just some plot gimmick you could be looking at a big key in both Amazing Spider-Man #28 and Molten Man’s later appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #133.



133089_5d26022f031ff264b6ee29d7276df3c30767917a-1-197x300 Molten Man is White HotAlso appearing in the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home will be Hydro-Man. His first appearance was later in the Spidey series well after the appearance of Molten Man in the comic book Amazing Spider-Man #212. This character was created by Denny O’Neil (script) and John Romita Jr. (pencils). He obviously can manipulate water and like Molten Man has superhuman strength and durability. In fact, Hydro-Man was created during a battle between Spider-Man and Namor. His alter ego Morris Bench was knocked overboard and altered indefinitely by bacteria and a strange experimental generator being tested in the ocean.  Spider-Man gets the blame of course for Morris’s mutation into Hyrdo-Man. Chasing Spider-Man, he battles Spidey and like most foes gets defeated. The current value for this book is $350 mint condition grade (9.8) which has returned a pressure hose blast to the body of positive +131.7% ROI overall in this grade; not bad, for this dainty water sprite.



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