Modern Era Movers – Hello, House of Slaughter

by Alan Harper

010423C-1024x536 Modern Era Movers - Hello, House of SlaughterNothing is more exciting than seeing a book that you just bought rocket up in popularity.  Modern Era books have that happen all the time.

Never has there been a time of so much art and creativity in comic books. Value is born where amazing storytelling meets amazing artwork, and the fantastic choices of stunning cover artwork can be almost overwhelming.  Remember to check out the Market Overview section at GoCollect for up-to-date sales data; references to sales data placement in this post are at the time of writing and can change quickly along with reader and collector interests.  What is not changing much is the love for Miles Morales or Erica Slaughter.  The House of Slaughter by James Tynion IV,  also the creator of Something Is Killing The Children, keeps drawing attention.

House of Slaughter #1 (Rabbit Comics Ed. B Variant)

house-of-slaughter-1-variant-195x300 Modern Era Movers - Hello, House of Slaughter

The 2022 Eisner Award-winning writer who has given us Nice House on the Lake, as well as Something is Killing the Children, continues to expand his storytelling with House of Slaughter #1.  While I personally don’t find it as groundbreaking as the original series, it has been fun to read.

This variant burst onto the sales charts after being published just over a year ago.  It starts 2023 at #7 on the Modern Era sales chart, having been hanging around the top ten for the past month but not on the sales radar at all before this past November.

Miles is Still the Modern Era King

Ultimate-Fallout-4-variant-195x300 Modern Era Movers - Hello, House of Slaughter

Ultimate Fallout #4 enters 2023 at the top of the sales charts for Modern Era books.  Any random glance at the Market Overview list at GoCollect over the past year has shown this book in the top ten.  This first appearance of Miles Morales continues to be one of the best books of recent times.

If you needed more proof that this book is locked in as a classic, check out the Chart Buster section of GoCollect which shows some amazing year-end action on this book – a 9.8 Marko Djurdjevic variant sold for $38,111 and a 9.4 newsstand version (which has “Black Panther” printing in the UPC box) chewed up a lot of someone’s Christmas cash with a December 26th sale for $10,700.

Both are rare versions of this modern classic and make me wish I had bought into the hype years ago and bought one.

Red Goblin coming in 2023

ASM-789-198x300 Modern Era Movers - Hello, House of Slaughter

Marvel is returning Normie Osburn and his Carnage symbiote form as the Red Goblin for his own series, landing in February of 2023.  This explains why ASM #798 is starting the new year up 31 spots and inside the top ten of sales.

This first appearance of the Red Goblin in a 9.8 grade has held steady over the past year around $50.  This seems like a decent speculative grab ahead of the book landing this next year.

Infinity Stones Are Forever

Thor-6-300x231 Modern Era Movers - Hello, House of Slaughter

Just outside the top 20 selling books is Thor #6 (2nd printing) from October of 2020.  This wonderful wrap-around cover by Nic Klein has helped this comic keep a steady value of around $50 for a 9.8 grade over the past year.  It recently burst up over 50 spots to land at #23 in the sales charts for the Modern Era.

This book includes Thanos in a black gauntlet and holding the Black Infinity Stone.  I continue to like holding a good copy of Infinity Gauntlet #1 because Marvel shows no signs of giving up on this critical story element.

The Modern Era is a treasure trove of amazing books.  Many books jumping up the sales charts, like Thorand  ASM 798, might still be found at your LCS.  Happy hunting and hopefully 2023 will deliver even more great art, stories, and characters.

000052721D-1-Footer Modern Era Movers - Hello, House of Slaughter*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Mike January 9, 2023 - 8:41 pm

Your article about morales muddies the waters. Walking dead 1sellsnfor more than the regular cover of uf 4 which has tanked in value the last several months and the ASM 667 Dell’otto variant sells for significantly more than the UF 4 variant (last sale was nearly 45k).

Kenloi January 10, 2023 - 7:16 am

Still kick myself for not buying the ASM 667 D.Otto at my local comic store when they had a few on new comic book day. Remember seeing it and ignoring it for not a lot of bucks. I think for less than $40 at the time. Ult. Fallout 4 1:25 i believe will leave 667 standing at some point and keep a substantial gap. Don’t know when but it will happen…Have spidey 798 1:100 Ross variant paid $35 when it came out at the store. Alex Ross one of my favourite artists. Long term holder. Still surprises me how cheap fine silver age key books can be. Will nm moderns go this route long term?……


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