Modern Comics Movers & Shakers -End of June

by Alan Harper

062922B-1024x536 Modern Comics Movers & Shakers -End of JuneEvery few weeks we check in on the Market Overview page at GoCollect for Modern Era books moving up or down the sales charts.  These sales numbers of any given book, and therefore the chart placement,  can move rapidly.  The chart positions in this post are as of when this was written and may have moved by the time of publication.  The goal is to discuss those Modern Comics Movers which are experiencing unique sales action so that you can decide if these trends are worth following or not.

Top of the Charts – Miles and Jane

The top of the Modern Movers chart is locked down by two familiar Modern comics – Ultimate Fallout #4 and Thor #1.  Thor #1 has been holding down a top-three sales rankings for months and it will be interesting to see if these books hold pace or drop like a rock tied to a copy of The Eternals, depending on how the movie plays out this summer.  Ultimate Fallout #4 seems to be destined to have a special position in the pantheon of Modern comics; I don’t expect the value of this book to go anywhere but up.

Carol and Kamala

Captain-Marvel-14-193x300 Modern Comics Movers & Shakers -End of June

New to the Modern charts this week is Captain Marvel #14 (2013), the “first cameo” of Kamala Khan.  Popping into the sales charts at #15, this book is a good example of something that should not be a surprise.  GoCollect Fair Market Value (FMV) for this book in a 9.8 grade is right around $350.  You can’t exactly call that a sleeper.

I did have a chance to read this book on Marvel Unlimited and found it to be horrible.  The storyline and the art were painful.  If Captain Marvel author, Kelly Sue DeConnick, hadn’t mentioned that Kamala Khan had intentionally been put into a random panel of threatened civilians, no one would care about this book.

I went over this book a few times before having to research where the cameo is (Page 5, panel 2 as it turns out).  The cameo is of an older, dark-skinned woman, interestingly not the young fan girl at the end of the story, as I had expected.  Value is in what we collectively agree to buy for and sell for, but, although I’m very interested in the Kamala Khan story and series coming out, if I owned this book I would be selling the hype.

Anakin and Krrsantan

Darth-Vader-1-198x300 Modern Comics Movers & Shakers -End of June

Another book with a huge move recently is Darth Vader #1 (2015).  It has currently popped 32 places to land at #17 on the sales charts.  Although it has this huge rise, the FMV for a 9.8 book is only $140, compared to $215 a year ago.  This is the first appearance of Black Krrsantan – the Wookie bounty hunter who played a role in the popular Disney+ Book of Boba Fett series.  He also has a significant role in the very popular Dr. Aphra storyline and I expect this book to continue to stay in focus for some time.

This is all in addition to being the first book in the Darth Vader series, obviously.  It may be time to look at buying the drop in this book.

Yardin and McFarlane

Venom-4-variant-198x300 Modern Comics Movers & Shakers -End of June

Also new to the sale list of Modern Movers is the variant cover edition of Venom #4 (2022) by David Yardin.  This homage to the classic ASM #300 cover by Todd McFarlane is fantastic.  It comes in at #36.

As a predominantly black cover, I am always interested in a reasonably priced 9.8 graded book and although this is up 50% over the past year, it is still showing a GoCollect FMV of just $95.  It is the second cameo of Bedlam but the value here has to be the variant cover work.

Also in the Variant Category

ASM-667-Dell-Otto-variant-197x300 Modern Comics Movers & Shakers -End of June

I continue to love (and get a bit overwhelmed by) the amazing variant cover work being done and sought by buyers.  Just this month a copy of ASM# 667 – 9.8 graded Dell’otto variant – sold for over $43,000!  This book isn’t generally considered a key but the cover artwork is amazing.

I love checking in on the Chartbusters section on GoCollect to see what is blowing up and 9 out of the 10 top Modern-Era sales here are variant covers.  I have come around to embracing this trend that didn’t exist when I started collecting – I can only imagine what the variant covers for the 1980s Uncanny X-men would have been like (but hard to improve on some of those classics like the Days of Future Past).

What’s Dropping?

SKTC and Nice House on the Lake

SKTC-1-195x300 Modern Comics Movers & Shakers -End of June

These popular James Tynion IV-authored books, Something is Killing the Children #1 and Nice House on the Lake #1 are making some huge drops at the moment.  Both have dropped over 20 places in the sales rankings (20 places to #35 and 24 places to #30, respectively).  I can’t recall when I have seen these out of the top 20 in sales, so it caught my attention.

Nice-House-on-the-Lake-1-195x300 Modern Comics Movers & Shakers -End of June

Nice House on the Lake is a great bit of horror writing in the spirit of the pre-CCA era of storytelling.  SKTC is aptly compared to Stranger Things and it is interesting to see this book pull back even with the new release of the Stranger Things 4th season.

Nice House has kept its value fairly well over the past year and SKTC has pulled back roughly 25% (whether variant edition or standard) over the same time period.  I expect the pullback is just a bit of cooling from the hot run these titles have had this past year.  I still love them both and they both have fantastic stories and artwork.

I’m not saying these are screaming deals at their current 9.8 grade – Nice House FMV $100 and SKTC $75 –  but if you have been hoping to get a copy, your time may be coming.


Good luck finding treasures out there in your LCS.  The Modern Era of books is an explosion of artists and stories that have never been seen before.  Happy hunting!

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AAA-Alan-Harper-footer Modern Comics Movers & Shakers -End of June*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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