Modern Age Mania: Ultimate Fallout #4

by Norman Robinson III

ultimate-fallout-4-195x300 Modern Age Mania: Ultimate Fallout #4Why is Ultimate Fallout #4 so darned popular now? For years it has just hung out. You might refer to an early post I did last year that warned Ultimate Fallout #4 was a solid investment or speculation depending on the time horizon and to pick a copy up. What kind of trend returns for Ultimate Fallout #4 can we count on going forward? Also, what drove this innocuous newcomer up the Modern Age charts?

Miles Morales is here to stay. Further, he seems to have a solid fan base. Currently, Miles’s first appearance in Ultimate Fallout #4 is number one on’s most popular Modern Age comics list for last month. This character will only grow in popularity over the years. This new version of an alternate reality Spider-Man appeared in arguably the best Sony-Marvel animation I have ever seen. The Morales version of Spider-Man has a fan base as well as rabid speculation going on for this highly sought after comic book.



Spiderverse-300x126 Modern Age Mania: Ultimate Fallout #4Ultimate Fallout #4

This is the funny things with keys, this book has been dirt cheap until now. It was published back in 2011 which seems like a lifetime ago now. The Ultimate Fallout #4 was created by the writing of Brian Bendis, Jonathan Hickman, and Nick Spencer. The interior art was by Sara Pichelli, Salvador Larroca, and Clayton Crain. The wonderful cover showcasing those superheroes that have come before Miles was by Mark Bagley.


ultimate-fallout-4-195x300 Modern Age Mania: Ultimate Fallout #4Extraordinary work went into this newest superhero by an entire team of creatives. Two years ago I wondered if Miles Morales would be a huge hit, and it looks like he is. Why does his comic book first appearance surge upward like an exploding can of Dr. Pepper? Let’s take a look at the short-term trends for this book and see what we can spider-cling to.

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return Short-Term YTD
Ultimate Fallout #4 9.8 $985 1888/5881 +66.5%
9.6 $420 1475 +78.8%
9.4 $399 804 +86.6%
9.2 $400 642 +120.4%
8.0 $79 149 +15.5%


gwen-stacy-300x169 Modern Age Mania: Ultimate Fallout #4The first six months of this year have been a nightmare for our country but for the Modern Age comic book investments a boom. Ultimate Fallout #4 has truly met and exceeded my expectations at this point. In addition to these fantastic returns, this book has a catalyst “Into the Spiderverse #2 is in production, a new stand-alone video game is also in the works” (Online Source: RyanComics).

Many are speculating that Marvel will pursue Miles Morales in some additional format. But in my opinion, the latest Miles Morales phase is just getting started. What is happening in a multitude of investments from comics to the housing market is the Millenials are finally buying. They are older and coming into money in order to invest in assets. Thank the great ones Stan Lee and Jack Kirby it is about time!


miles-swinging-300x158 Modern Age Mania: Ultimate Fallout #4Conclusion

This is going to continue until there is a price leveling at some point. However, with added scrutiny and focus on social issues, we can expect to see Miles in the future. Ultimate Fallout #4 has truly outperformed and the return trends are just awe-inspiring for a Modern Age comic book. One of my rules of thumb for buying an investment in comics is the depth of the buying across grades. There is nothing but green returns up and down the spectrum of grades for the last six months for Ultimate Fallout #4.

This comic book has as many positive indicators as an investment as Miles Morales has new Spidey abilities. It has two catalysts, broad appeal, surging prices, and was not highly sought after for the past several years. Miles Morales is here to stay. You should be swinging up among the skyscrapers with Ultimate Fallout #4 in your collection. But if you choose not to then you will be looking up as the rest of us spin speculative webs of profit ever skyward. Buy a copy.

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