Modern Age Comics Movers – Mid May Edition

by Alan Harper

051122A-1024x536 Modern Age Comics Movers - Mid May EditionEvery few weeks, we point out a few key Modern Age comics that are moving up or down the sales charts. Modern books are uniquely positioned to have characters make the leap to movies and other storylines by virtue of their place in the current market and minds of buyers.

Thor 1 -Goddess of Thunder Continues to Reign

thor-1-197x300 Modern Age Comics Movers - Mid May Edition

This week, it is hard to look at any sales data and not notice how Thor #1 ranks as not just the top Modern Mover, but is also the #4 overall top moving book as tracked by GoCollect. 

Thor #1 (2014) has fantastic artwork and is the first cover of Jane Foster as Thor.

If you are following news and blogs, you already know that this book is hot.

Additionally, there is lots of information on how other Thor keys have jumped in value.

If you are interested in following up on other books featuring the God (or Goddess) of Thunder, check out posts by fellow bloggers Douglas Ohlandt and Matt Tuck.

Edge-of-spider-verse-2-197x300 Modern Age Comics Movers - Mid May Edition

Spider-Gwen is no Surprise

If Jane Foster can be dominating the Modern book sales charts, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Gwen Stacy is having her day in the sun also.  Spider-Gwen #1 (2015) is up five spots in the sale charts to land at #10.

Also moving up the charts is the first appearance of Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman in Edge of the Spider-Verse #2.  This first appearance book has a projected GoCollect FMV of $1,900 but the thirty-day average for sales is well over $2,000.

It is clear (in the news and in the pricing) that Spider-Gwen will continue to be a big-screen staple.  It appears that this is a superhero run that even Sony cannot screw up.

hawkeye-Deadpool-0-e1652292199515-281x300 Modern Age Comics Movers - Mid May Edition


I think one of the most interesting opportunities is to pick up Hawkeye v Deadpool #0 relatively cheap (9.8 graded FMV $190) and enjoy the cameo of both Jane Foster as Thor and Spider-Gwen in one book.

This cameo is dismissed as not being substantive because they appear as just a couple of trick-or-treaters walking past the main action.  Still, what a wonderful Easter egg dropped in an otherwise marginal book published around the time of their first appearances.

Future-State-WW-1-195x300 Modern Age Comics Movers - Mid May Edition

Yara Flor – Future State Wonder Woman

DC has brought us something amazing from the future, an Amazon from the Amazon. Written and drawn beautifully by Joelle Jones, this character seems poised for something great.

Future State: Wonder Woman #1 is up three spots in the Modern book sale charts to #8 and generally stays within the top ten selling Modern books.  DC has figured out that the Wonder Woman line has a real ability to expand and create stories for today (and the future).

The CW network passed on the live-action series it was contemplating last year, so the current speculation push is very fresh.  A 9.8 graded book has a GoCollect FMV of only $65 and seems like an excellent investment in you are a believer in the character graduating from Wonder Girl (which ended with issue 7) and taking on more of the Wonder Woman role generally.  She seems far too interesting to be simply shut down after seven issues and buyers are voting for a return of Yara Flor by keeping this book on the top sales charts.

Moon-knight-1-199x300 Modern Age Comics Movers - Mid May Edition

Moon Knight Moving

Looking down the sales charts are some new appearances that indicate real positive action on these books.

Moon Knight, the live-action series on Disney +, may not be entirely mainstream yet, but it is certainly is not a flop.  Moon Knight #1 has been a constant feature on top of the overall sale charts for some time – not quite like the Beatles on top of the charts but every week, there it is again.

Entering the Modern Age comics sales charts in the 30s are both Moon Knight #1 (2016) and the Dell’Otto drawn variant of Moon Knight 1 (2021).

moon-knight-1-2021-198x300 Modern Age Comics Movers - Mid May Edition

The 2016 issue is the first appearance of Dr. Emmet, the psychiatrist who is treating Marc Spector.

Like with the Jane Foster Thor news, I suspect if you have read this far you know that Moon Knight has been hot for some time now.  The bloggers at GoCollect are following the reaction to each streaming episode, blow-by-blow, and I encourage you to read that work by Douglas Ohlandt and insight into other Moon Knight keys by Norman Robinson III.

Modern Age comics are uniquely wonderful for hunting at your LCS.  Best of luck and I hope you all find a Hawkeye v. Deadpool #0 book tomorrow.

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AAA-Alan-Harper-footer Modern Age Comics Movers - Mid May Edition*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Kenloi May 16, 2022 - 6:50 am

Diana is the one and only Wonder Woman but Flora is an interesting character. Potential down the line. A definite long term hold for cover A or the variant.

Alan Harper May 23, 2022 - 2:56 pm

No argument there. New versions of my favorite old characters are a struggle for me, but I agree, this has potential.


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