Modern Age: Comic Book Novelty

by Norman Robinson III

172648_f0fc78209d3ad2cedf3cf3d3f0ca22d3d3f21e12-196x300 Modern Age: Comic Book NoveltyAnother fun part of comic collecting is the crazy Modern Age comics with novelty covers. There have been trading cards inserted into comics, glow in the dark covers, foil-embossed covers, even wacky comics with bullet holes shot through the comic! Yep, the cadre of different sorts of covers from the Modern Age is truly a sight to behold. Best of all the prices are all very reasonable and within the range of most households. Many of these things have been done to death, but as with all keys, perhaps owning the first time of cover X will have collectibility for years to come. What are some of these interesting novelty books that we might invest in?






ghost-rider-hulu-canceled-300x158 Modern Age: Comic Book NoveltyGhost Rider #15

The Ghost Rider has been done to death. Stories come and go, but the first glow-in-the-dark cover is a must-have! This was created by the team of Howard Mackie (script) and Mark Texeira (pencils and ink). Texeira is no yoke as an artist truly awe-inspiring splash pages. There is also a limited edition second print glow-in-the-dark cover to buy if you have the moolah. This is worth a tad more than the first print. I like it as a collectible piece because of rarity. Can this demon with a nose for evildoers possibly be profitable in such a new book?


172648_f0fc78209d3ad2cedf3cf3d3f0ca22d3d3f21e12-196x300 Modern Age: Comic Book NoveltyLong-Term

  • Grade 9.8 $69.99 last sale 1-13-20 returns positive +27.5%
  • Grade 9.4 $59 last sale 8-2-19 returns positive +66%


That warm and fuzzy feeling right now, because you own this in mint condition, well, enjoy it. The second print also has some solid numbers, see below. But the most important part is you own the first-ever glow-in-the-dark cover!




711966_d0d21c7dd43e8e9b0da861bed2972f6dd62ddee6-196x300 Modern Age: Comic Book NoveltyLong-Term Ghost Rider #15 (Glow-in-the-dark gold ink variant second sprint)

  • Grade 9.8 $89 last sale 8-12-19 returns positive +57%
  • Grade 9.6 $50 last sale 10-19-19 returns positive +107%

I can hear your Harley roar as you speed away laughing while giving the middle finger to the rest of the speculating demon horde.






147985_85cb0f8520ed0a88c56593e11fcd5ff85cca01c6-193x300 Modern Age: Comic Book NoveltySilver Surfer #50

Most of you know this one, I think I have a signed copy from Ron Lim somewhere. The first silver foil embossed cardstock cover was created by Jim Starlin (script) and the incomparable Ron Lim (pencils). This also happens to be the origin of the Silver Surfer retold. I like this book for its look, and if you can get Ron Lim or Jim Starlin’s signature that is worth keeping for your own private collection.


  • Grade 9.8 $60 last sale 11-22-19 returns negative -1.2%
  • Grade 9.2 $81 last sale 7-8-18 returns positive +162%

I know these numbers are a little weird, don’t let that stop you from owning a piece of history. Thanos is one heckuva a storyline and these numbers will improve the further we get from Avengers: Endgame. Happy surfing…


161809_d69be7379fb7bfe58b079c15006128c5deaf8bf9-193x300 Modern Age: Comic Book NoveltyJab #3

“Every issue was shot through the center, with a .22 bullet common, but with four other bullet sizes ranging up in size to a shotgun.” Want something no one else owns? This is it. Try a comic shot with a bullet hole and the hole is part of the story throughout the comic book. Kinda brilliant, in a crazy, trailer park, bucktooth, date your cousin kinda way. “To each his own.” It was created by the team of Tom King, Shannon Wheeler, Ted Naifeh, etc… in 1993. There is no sales data on this one, better save as a gift for your crazy uncle at Xmas time.


Have fun learning about the many novelty covers that exist in comics. Its always good to mix a little levity, some healthy nostalgia, and an oddball cover or two into your collection. Remember the point of being here is to have fun…



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