Mob wars and street magic are featured in INDIE COMICS #3

by Jeff

29608026086_45386a2395_n Mob wars and street magic are featured in INDIE COMICS #3Media Release — Stomping into October’s Previews on the heals of Indie Comics #1 and #2 is the third issue of the indie adventure anthology from Aazurn Publishing: Indie Comics!

Seven stories from four different creative teams bring action adventure and horror to readers. Short biographies and contact information are included with the stories so readers can easily seek out more of the creators’ work.

Street magic takes on zombies in the Gary Scott Beatty tale “To Hell,” when a cigarette smoking Brit uses spells to figure out the reason behind an apocalypse. He learns more than he’s prepared for.

A mob boss deals with an “internal problem” when territory is up for grabs in the Paul Bradford story “Hostile Takeover!” It’s not business as usual.

Pulp magazine covers are the inspiration for the Gary Scott Beatty future fiction “Captain.” The mission is to find and inhabit Heofon, but they have to get there first.

Rick Bonn and fan favorite artist Christopher Herndon wrap up their caveman adventure in “Perchance to Dream? Terry Cronin concludes his spring break weird tale in an extra long “Flame of Faith” chapter, with art from Julia Lichty.

Plus, a treasure hunting soldier runs into more than he bargained for in “Horde,” and a Puritan faces the rope in “Accused!” This issue features seven stories, packed with adventure!

Indie Comics #1 can still be backordered from your local or online comic shop with order code JUN160995 and Indie Comics #2 with order code AUG161046. Indie Comics #3 is offered in October’s Previews catalog, under Aazurn Publishing!

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