Miserable Dastards Optioned For Feature Film

by Jeff

JUL090837 Miserable Dastards Optioned For Feature FilmMedia Release — Dial “C” For Comics is proud to announce that its upcoming graphic novel, MISERABLE DASTARDS™, has just been optioned by feature film producers Mike Greene and Brian Murphy (2001 Maniacs: The Sequel, San Saba, Labou) and is also being produced by Jason Kim of Lovett Management.

Written and created by Richard A. Hamilton, MISERABLE DASTARDS follows three henchmen-for-hire – or Dastards – who crew for Philadelphia’s most notorious (and inept) super-criminals. All these thugs want is to pay their mortgages and put their kids through college. But after suffering one humiliating defeat too many, the Dastards decide to stop taking orders and start scheming their own criminal capers.

The action/comedy heist tale, illustrated by Harvey Award-winner Jeremy Dale, has already earned sterling reviews from Ain’t It Cool News, declaring it “something new and exciting… it’s a damn good comic that will keep you guessing and smiling long after you’ve put it down.”

“The fact that Mike and Brian see something special in our henchmen with a heart is extremely validating,” says Richard A. Hamilton. “Beneath the matching crook costumes and gloved punches to the face, ‘Dastards’ is really about three average joes with a not-so-average vocation. If you’re a fan of the anonymous thugs from the 60s Batman TV show or if you’ve ever had a job that sucked, this is the story for you!”

MISERABLE DASTARDS is currently available in the July 2009 Previews Catalog as a “Spotlight” and “Certified Cool” item. The 96 page, full-color graphic novel retails for $9.99 and will debut at the San Diego Comic-Con on Preview Night, July 22, 2009.

About Dial “C” For Comics
Founded in 2006 by Richard A. Hamilton, Dial “C” For Comics exclusively publishes comicbooks of quality that borrow from all genres: Superheroics, Horror, Comedy, Sci-fi, Romance – everything. The resulting hybrids are stories that are exciting, unique and, most of all, fun. Dial “C” For Comics’ latest projects include the superhero/blaxploitation mash-up, RETURN OF THE SUPER PIMPS, and the upcoming henchmen heist tale, MISERABLE DASTARDS.

About the Producers
Brian Murphy and Mike Greene currently oversee several projects established across Hollywood, including the 13 Bullets trilogy by David Wellington set up at BenderSpink with John Heffernan (Snakes on a Plane) attached to write. Murphy and Greene are also developing a show for Cartoon Network a feature with 50 Cent’s Cheetah Vision Entertainment.

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