Miracleman: A Postmodern Marvel

by Mr. Long/Short

miracleman_1-194x300 Miracleman: A Postmodern Marvel

Miracleman is more likely than not the best comic book that you’ve never read. Marvel has been dropping hints that new stories may be coming for the character which should send key back issues soaring.

Brief Background

Miracleman’s history is a long winding story that I won’t be able to do justice to here.  The modern version of Miracleman was created by comic legend Alan Moore who adapted the character from Mick Anglo who created the character as a direct ripoff of Captain Marvel (Shazam). Miracleman’s original name was actually Marvelman but changed to avoid conflicts with Marvel.  Moore worked on the title for 16 issues and then was taken over by another legend in the industry, Neil Gaiman.  He wrote the title until in its untimely demise after issue #24 when Eclipse Comics went bankrupt.  While Gaiman finished issue #25, it was never published.  Ownership of the character bounced around for several years before finally landing with Marvel in 2013.

MC10002nd-201x300 Miracleman: A Postmodern Marvel

Marvel reprinted Moore and Gaiman’s #24 issue run in 2014.  Here is where it gets interesting…..In Marvel #1000 Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham published the first new Miracleman story in more than three decades.  Additionally, Marvel put Miracleman on the cover of the second printing of Marvel #1000 reading an issue of Marvel Comics #1.  Marvel is clearly dropping hints that new things are coming for this character.  When this happens, several back issues will take off in value.


warrior_magazine-215x300 Miracleman: A Postmodern MarvelWarrior #1

Alan Moore’s version of the character first appeared in the UK magazine-sized publication Warrior Magazine.  This issue included the first appearance of another Moore character V for Vendetta.  This book goes for around $60 raw.  The fact that this is an over-sized book turns some investors off.


Miracleman #1

This pick is a no-brainer.  The cover is iconic and the story is timeless and it is issue #1.  This comic can be found for around $10 and there is no reason why you shouldn’t own at least one of these.  When Miracleman gets hot so will this book.  There are blue and gold certificate versions of this book signed by Alan Moore from San Diego Comicon in the 80s.


Miracleman #15

MM15-195x300 Miracleman: A Postmodern Marvel

This book features the death of Kid Miracleman and is the second shortest print run book in the Miracleman series at less than 40,000.  The cover is simply brutal and timeless.  The GoCollect database has 833 copies listed.  This book will cost you $100+ at any reasonable grade.


Miracleman #24

This is the last issue of the series and the shortest print run of any of the Miracleman titles at just over 35,000.  When Marvel finally publishes issue #25, this book will see material demand. This book goes for more than $100 in high grade.


MM12AH-195x300 Miracleman: A Postmodern MarvelMiracleman #12 – Adam Hughes Variant Marvel

This Adam Hughes variant from Marvel’s reprint of the series is a genuine ghost book.  Like most of his work, the cover is simply mesmerizing.  Good luck tracking this one down.  The GoCollet database has just 35 copies listed.


Final Analysis

Miracleman is a legendary comic book character that is currently on nobody’s radar.  When Marvel finally begins publishing new stories for the character these back issues are well-positioned to see material price appreciation.  Pick them up now before everybody gets in on the game.


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Chad Crow January 30, 2020 - 2:31 pm

You forgot about the last two issue.. super low print run and htf in 9.8 raw

Chad Crow January 30, 2020 - 2:33 pm

You forgot about the last two issues. Super low print run and htf in 9.8 raw

Mr. Long/Short January 30, 2020 - 3:10 pm

Yes, very good point.

Kenloi September 20, 2021 - 7:21 am

Miracleman 1 also has a uk edition with yellow back. Many came with aprinters grease on the front which i have been told doesnt affect the grade. I would love 2 know the print one for the uk edition


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