Minor Miles Morales: Other Spider-Miles Keys

by Matt Tuck

Marvel-Previews-94-197x300 Minor Miles Morales: Other Spider-Miles KeysDid you invest early in those Miles Morales keys? If you were left in the cold, warm up with some other Spider-Miles comics worth your investment dollars.

Now that 2020 is in the books, it was a banner year for Miles Morales. After Into the Spider-Verse, his stock was rising, but it went nuclear after Sony announced he was starring in his own Playstation game.

With the blazing sales for Miles’ early appearances, many collectors are finding the prices are too much to bear. Luckily, there are other options if you are late to the Spider-Miles party.


Love it or hate it, the Marvel Previews comic catalogs are becoming more collectible. They cannot be called true “first appearances.” After all, these are solicitations and basically advertisements. However, fans want to get their hands on any of the early Miles artwork. The real money is tied up with Marvel Previews #95 with Spider-Miles on the cover.  He was first seen in MP #94 as part of a connecting cover, however.

After scouring eBay’s sold listings, the last copy brought $152.50, but one sold for an eye-opening $350 on Christmas Day.


Ultimate-Comics-Spider-Man-1-193x300 Minor Miles Morales: Other Spider-Miles KeysULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #1 (2011)

If you can’t have Ultimate Fallout #4, why not invest in Miles’ first self-titled series? While it has a much lower speculation ceiling than that first appearance, the flip side is that it is a much cheaper investment.

Keep in mind that cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean that it is cheap. At a 9.8, the standard edition Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 has already sold for $690 in January, and it sold for over $850 in December. When the grade falls ever so slightly to a 9.6, the FMV takes a significant plunge to $183. Obviously, that is much easier on the budget.


Spider-Man-1-Hip-hop-variant-193x300 Minor Miles Morales: Other Spider-Miles KeysSPIDER-MAN #1 ADI GRANOV HIP HOP VARIANT

The series of hip-hop variant covers inspired by album cover art remain popular, but the Miles cover is among the most treasured. With an unmasked Spider-Miles on the cover, the Spider-Man #1 Adi Granov Hip Hop Variant carries an FMV of $375. Since so many other Miles Morales keys are out of reach, that puts a premium on those variants with him on the cover.


Champions-1-2016-195x300 Minor Miles Morales: Other Spider-Miles KeysCHAMPIONS #1 (2016)

This may be a long shot, but Disney could be setting the groundwork for the Champions. 

Of course, I am not talking about the classic Bronze Age lineup. This comes from the “All-New, All-Different” Marvel. It featured the team of Kamala Khan, Miles Morales, Totally Awesome Hulk, Viv Vision, Nova, and a young Cyclops from an alternate timeline.

Kamala has been cast, Miles is a lock for the MCU, and Viv Vision could well be coming to WandaVision. That leaves Amadeus Cho, Nova, and Cyclops on the outskirts, and it is likely that we will soon see Nova and Cho in the MCU. With all those pieces (and potential pieces) in place, it is only logical that Marvel Studios put this teenage Champions together either on movie screens or on Disney+.

At the moment, the Champions #1 9.8 standard cover is averaging under $100, but the FMVs have been steadily increasing in recent years. In 2019, it averaged just $19, but the 90-day FMV has swelled to $81, and one sold for as much as $150 last year.


Miles Morales is not going to be losing steam anytime soon, and his key issues will stay hot for quite some time. After all, we have yet to see him in live-action. However, there is an unsubstantiated rumor that Marvel Studios has already cast its Miles Morales. Whether or not that pans out remains to be seen, but I suspect he will be announced for the MCU this year.

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