Minor Constantine Keys Worth a Second Look

by Matt Tuck


Swamp Thing #37 Hellblazer-1-194x300 Minor Constantine Keys Worth a Second Lookis not the only John Constantine key worth collecting, and these four issues will help you stay under budget.

Constantine is on the lips of many collectors after a cryptic Instagram post hinting at a sequel to the 2005 film. That has investors and speculators keeping a close eye on those Constantine firsts, but there are other issues with lower risk worth your time. Take a look.


While it is not in the same league as those first appearances, this is significant for being the first comic series starring John Constantine. It would help values if the next onscreen incarnation were titled “Hellblazer,” which would point to story ideas coming straight from these pages. That would add even more appeal to an already popular comic.

The most expensive comic on today’s list, a 9.8 Hellblazer #1 has ascended to a $220 FMV in the past 90 days. Before that, it had averaged $165.  The better investment is the 9.6, which has a 90-day fair market value of $106.

DC-Sampler-3-194x300 Minor Constantine Keys Worth a Second LookDC SAMPLER #3

For the record, no, this does not count as the first full appearance of John Constantine, but it is a nice addition to any collection. 

In these pages, as the title alludes, DC offered solicitations of upcoming issues and stories. The most notable of which is the preview for Constantine’s debut in Swamp Thing #37. By no means does it rank among the likes of Swamp Thing #37 or even #25, but it is still a part of Constantine lore and worth having.

DC Sampler #3 has been quietly gaining value this year. In May, a 9.8 sold for $112 after its last three sales went for as little as $23 and up to $38. In 2019, this was a $76 comic, so it is definitely getting attention on the market.

Crisis-on-Infinite-Earths-4-194x300 Minor Constantine Keys Worth a Second LookCRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #4

The third overall and second full appearance of Constantine is a decent consolation prize for fans who didn’t strike quick enough in the mad dash for the bigger key issues. It is still a piece of the character’s history, but at a fraction of the cost compared to the others.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #4 has been getting more popular lately. Since last November, the 9.8 has sold 24 times for an average of $76. A year prior, it sold just seven times for a $52 FMV. 


Hellblazer-27-194x300 Minor Constantine Keys Worth a Second LookHELLBLAZER #27

What makes this issue special is that it featured the creative duo of writer Neil Gaiman and artist Dave McKean, the driving force behind Vertigo’s Sandman series. That alone should drive interest for Hellblazer #27. To add to its collectibility, this issue had a relatively low print run, and that always makes for collectors’ gold. There are also three minor debuts to sweeten the pot: Shona, Anthea, and Jacko.

This is perhaps my favorite comic on today’s list, and it truly flies under the radar. There have been just 15 graded copies sold online in the past three years, and only one of those brought more than $85. A 9.8 brought an impressive $175 in 2017, but three years is a long time in the collecting world. The last two years have seen just two sales, one for $44 in 2019 and one for $60 this past June.


Aside from Hellblazer #1, at least in a high grade, these are issues that are relatively cheap. For such low prices and the potential for all things Constantine, it is worth the low-risk gamble on these comics. Don’t miss my previous article about other Constantine keys worth keeping an eye out for.

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Minor Constantine Keys Worth a Second Look

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