Mike Wieringo Dead at 44

by Jeff

Atlanta, Ga. 8/13/2007 6:44 PM GMT (FINDITT)

Mike Wieringo, the highly respected comic book artist responsible for drawing illustrations for several issues of “The Flash” for DC Comics in the early 1990s has died at 44.

Wieringo partnered with writer Mark Waid for the successful run with “The Flash” and the two worked together once more in 2002 on Marvel Comics’ “Fantastic Four” comic books.

Most recently Wieringo had been working on art for “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four.”

According to reports Wieringo suffered a massive heart attack on Sunday and passed away. He had called paramedics after experiencing chest pains but by the time emergency workers arrived the illustrator had passed away.

Waid spoke with CBM News on Monday about Wieringo’s death saying, “Everything is moving in slow-motion this morning. I have never worked with anyone more talented than Mike, more on my exact creative wavelength, and likely never will. Mike was one of the very best friends I have ever had and without question one of the two best partners. Someone remind Barry Kitson to keep taking care of his health, because if he goes, there’s really no point to me ever sitting down to a keyboard ever again.””

Friends and fans of Mike Wieringo are reacting to our sad loss across the Internet.

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