Mike DeBalfo celebrates Lady Death’s 20th anniversary

by Jeff

1327965234 Mike DeBalfo celebrates Lady Death's 20th anniversaryMedia Release — In celebration of Valentine’s Day, and the twentieth year anniversary of Lady Death, publisher Brian Pulido has unleashed Zenoscope exclusive artist, Mike Debalfo on the diva of death, Lady Death for an elite series of limited edition comics to be offered exclusively at www.CoffinComicsShop.com.

“Mike knocked this one out of the park,” Pulido says. “This was a dream come true drawing one of the most iconic femme fatales in comics,” says DeBalfo.

Lady Death: Tribulation #1 – Valentine’s Edition with a cover by Mike Debalfo & astounding colorist Sanju R.Nivangune is limited to 250 serially numbered copies and retails for $20.00

Lady Death: Rapture #1 * Raw Edition with a “raw art” cover by Mike Debalfo is limited to 100 serially numbered copies and retails for $22.00.

Finally, Lady Death: Rapture #1 – Naughty Edition with a cover by Mike Debalfo & re-color by Sanju R.Nivangune is limited to 69 serially numbered copies and retails for $40.00.

“I think fans will dig Mike’s take on Lady Death. I know I do!” Pulido says.

Coffin Comics is a boutique publishing company, founded in September 2007, owned & operated by Chaos! Comics founder & Lady Death creator Brian Pulido. Coffin is dedicated to creating authentically rare limited edition comic books and assorted items for the discerning collector. For more info, visit: www.CoffinComicsShop.com

Mike DeBalfo is a former “Joe Kubert School” student who broke into the industry doing covers for Zenescope Entertainment, tackling covers for the companies most popular titles including “Grimm Fairy Tales”, “Escape From Wonderland”, and “Neverland”. For more info, visit: mikedebalfo.com

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