Midwest Book Review: The Homeland Directive

by Jeff

mar111271 Midwest Book Review: The Homeland DirectiveMidwest Book Review: The Homeland Directive

The Homeland Directive is a grim graphic novel about a potential bioweapon apocalypse in America. Dr. Laura Regan, a researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is shocked to find her researcher partner murdered, and herself blamed for the crime. Three rogue federal agents know that she has been framed, and suspect that the government is behind it! Together, the four of them must escape from mercenaries, law enforcement, and even cyber-detectives while they hunt down the perpetrators of a plot that could ultimately unleash a lethal and immensely contagious disease across all of America! The Homeland Directive is vividly illustrated with gritty line artwork, and a color scheme that eschews traditional realism for revolving background pallettes designed to reflect and intensify this edge-of-one’s-seat thriller. Highly recommended.

The Homeland Directive
Robert Venditti, author
Mike Huddleston, illustrator
Top Shelf Productions
PO Box 15125
Portland, OR 97293-5125
9781603090247 $14.95 www.topshelfcomix.com


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