Midnight Sons Roster Revealed and Books To Invest In

by Matthew Williams

Midnight-sons-300x141 Midnight Sons Roster Revealed and Books To Invest InWe have a scoop by way of Mikey Sutton whose insider sources have leaked the roster of characters being considered for the Midnight Sons movie.

The Midnight Sons LineUp

The characters being discussed to make up the team consist of:

  • Blade
  • Ghost Rider
  • Jennifer Kale
  • Man-Thing
  • Werewolf By Night
  • Nadeem Hassan

There is no filmmaker attached and the lineup is not finalized. This means other members could potentially join such as Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, and The Punisher. It would also be great to get Morbius The Living Vampire if Marvel and Sony can work out a deal for the rights of that character. Ghost Rider is planned to be a cameo appearance in the first Blade movie, and the Midnight Sons team is being positioned to form in Blade 2.

Marvel-Premier-28-192x300 Midnight Sons Roster Revealed and Books To Invest InMarvel Premier #28

This one-shot issue features the first team-up of Marvel’s monster characters. They are not called The Midnight Sons here, but the concept is used. This is a similar situation to Swamp Thing 50 which teamed up DC’s monster characters, but they were not called by their team name until Justice League Dark 1 from the New 52 series.

Since 2017 9.8’s have easily exceeded $1,000. 9.6’s are approaching $500. 9.4’s and 9.2’s are actually pretty close together with 9.4’s not quite at $300 and 9.2’s more or less at $250. The next grade down, the 9.0, is a distant $100 away from the 9.2 prices.

Marvel-Age-115-191x300 Midnight Sons Roster Revealed and Books To Invest InMarvel Age #115

This issue features the first appearance in the preview form of The Midnight Sons. It contains an article with comments by Marvel editors and writers Bobbie Chase, Howard Mackie, Chris Cooper, Dan Chichester, and Len Kaminski.

There are no CGC sales of this preview issue. There could be an opportunity here if you can find a high-grade copy to have slabbed yourself. This has been a slept-on book but it is significant insofar as it is the first preview appearance and the creators share their thoughts on what they want to see happen.

This book came out the same month (August 1992) as the next book.

ghost-rider-28-198x300 Midnight Sons Roster Revealed and Books To Invest InGhost Rider #28 (2nd Series)

This book came out the same month as Marvel Age 115, August 1992. It features the first appearance of the Midnight Sons. “The Nine” in this issue consists of Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, Morbius, Blade, Hannibal King, Frank Drake, Sam Buchanan, Victoria Montesi, Louise Hastings.

It’s the first appearance of several other characters. The Caretaker (who has been confirmed to appear in the Helstrom series), Lilith, and Lilith’s offspring, who have a great name for a baby, Meatmarket.

There are 123 9.8’s in the CGC census with an FMV of $110. This is where the team officially debuts.

The Midnight Sons Wrap Up

Marvel Premier 28 is a no-brainer. On the other hand, it may be hard to envision these early-nineties books going up in value. If you are hesitant to drop over $100 on Ghost Rider 28, I would recommend hunting for high-grade raw copies that you can get graded yourself. Theoretically, you can buy several of these raw copies for under $10 each and get lucky with a 9.8 contender by playing the numbers game. It will be cheaper but will take more time and energy.

In any event, The Midnight Sons are going to be a very popular team in the MCU down the road. It would be good to look for these books while they’re still at the prices they are.


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Hank Rugala September 23, 2020 - 5:03 pm

Hi Mathew:

During the last 40 years, I have collected many types of comics that are bagged in poly and are boarded(raw). They have never been opened or read during this time. Most have a FMV as shown in Go Collect prices of between $75 to $150. I notice that you offer investment tips for comics. My main question is “what is the best way to sell my comics and at the best price for me and the buyer?” It seems that it would be hard to sell them to a comic shop since they don’t pay anywhere near to the FMV. Is any comic auction a good idea or should I just open up shop on E-bay and let people bid on each comic. I feel that all my comics would be graded no less than a 9.6 since they have all been boxed and stored in good conditions.Thanks ahead of time for your experienced answer. Regards, H. R.

Matthew Williams September 24, 2020 - 1:39 am

That’s a great question, I only have so much space here so my bottom line answer is to use mycomicshop as your first step.

I have been using mycomicshop.com for years as a place to consign raw and slabbed books. They have great customer service and will actually help you price them accurately. They can give you advice if a comic is worth sending to CGC/CBCS to get slabbed, and will even submit it for you. The nice thing about them is you send them the books and set the price, they take care of the images and storage in their warehouse. They also advertise your listings on ebay and amazon, and they ship it out when it sells. They take 10% commission at the most. Besides a set price, if you want you can schedule books for auctions which happen every week.

*One disclaimer though:
They have a tendency to undergrade raw books. I.e. if you have a beautiful 9.4 looking book, it can be expected they may give it an 8.0 or so. However, in my experience it seems like their customers know this, and are willing to pay higher prices than, for example ebay listings that advertise a raw 9.4 book. To give an idea, twice recently I sold a raw copy of Demon 1 for over $60 that they graded 4.5, because they looked much nicer than they were graded!

If a book is not worth at least $40 they will not allow you to consign, but they may offer to buy your collection that is not consignable. At that point you can decide if you take their offer or try to get more on ebay or elsewhere.

Let me know if you want more help and we can get in touch.

Hank Rugala September 24, 2020 - 1:55 am

Matthew….thank you very much for your very experienced reply to my question. I was actually ready to send some comics to my comic shop basis everything that I have researched so far. I definitely will take your advice and let you know how it works out for me. Perhaps you can send me a private email with your phone number for a future discussion. Thank you again…and stay safe. Regards, Hank.


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