Middleman Collected Series Indispensability gets second printing

by Jeff

51j1BUtFPAL_SL160_ Middleman Collected Series Indispensability gets second printingMedia Release — The series hailed by critics and fans, and named by the American Library Association as one of 2007’s “Great Graphic Novels for Teens, ” is going to a 2nd printing.

The Middleman might spend his days and nights fighting evil so you don’t have to; training the unflappable and ever resourceful Wendy “Dub-Dub” Watson to be his eventual replacement; taking an occasional break for a frosty glass of cow-juice; all the time dealing with a smack-talking robot provided by OTS2K, but what happens when fans can’t get enough of this clean-cut, square-jawed defender of all things right and just in the world?

Viper Comics steps into the fray, dons a trusty Eisenhower jacket and pushes out a second printing of Javier Grillo-Marxuach’s and Les McClaine’s The Middleman : The Collected Series Indispensability, that’s what!

Available November 11, 2009, from your nearest comic book retailers, book retailers, or pre-order your copy from the Viper website ( http://www.vipercomics.com ) for the Ri-GOSH-DARN-DICULOUSLY cheap price of $19.95. Don’t miss your chance to see where it all began, today.


“A Fun, fast-paced, and quick-witted comedy-adventure in the vein of Men in Black, Ghostbusters, and Hellboy.”

– Ben Lathrop, The Library Journal

“If you’re still resisting buying The Middleman, not only do I fear for your immortal soul, but I fear that you are not worthy to buy comics at all.” – Greg Burgas, ComicBookResources.com

“With a dashing, retro, ass-kicking secret agent, a spunky fish-out-water hottie partner at his side and adversaries that include muck-encrusted monsters, mob monkeys and mexican maulers, we guarantee you’ll love being stuck in the middle, man.” – Jesse Thompson, Wizard Magazine

The Middleman : The Collected Series Indispensability
ISBN 10: 0980238544
ISBN 13: 9780980238549
Diamond DCD Item: MAY084177
Retail $19.95 / B&W/ 336 pages

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