Michael Versus Morbius: The Neverending Struggle

by Michael Vlachakis

123017_b954fa71943bf25cdc60e88196d0b445db313d8e-1-199x300 Michael Versus Morbius: The Neverending Struggle

If you have followed my blogging, you are probably aware that I have a bias against Jared Leto.  It is not personal, it is just that I hate the fact that he is probably going to ruin Morbius, and therefore tank all related comic values.  We finally got a taste of Jared Leto in the upcoming Morbius film with the release of the first trailer.  All I can wonder is how much the film is going to suck.  They are really going to drain all the joy out of this character.  There is a lot at stake for Leto and Sony here.  Count on that!  Again, its nothing personal…just some bad blood.

Where do I start with the movie trailer?  So much to unpack here.

First, there is the whole Spider-Man image that was shown in the trailer.  Great!  So it appears the sans-Spider-Man Spider-Man Universe does actually have a Spider-Man…maybe.  This is already too complicated to care about.  Do we get a Spidey or not?  Which one?  Just do it at this point and get it over with.  Stop teasing us with the reveal, if there is even going to be one.  This whole concept was broken from the get-go and now there is perhaps a backward rationalization for the whole shtick.  Exhausting.  Get your stuff together, Sony.  The last thing I should be worrying about when a Spider-Man related movie is released should be Spider-Man.

Second, was there an actual plot hidden somewhere in the trailer, or is it more about Jared Leto changing his weight and wearing the sweet ultra-deep V-neck?  Ignore that point?  Why?  Because of Michael Keaton?  Oh, that shit.  Don’t get me going.  If they are trying to cross into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and cross-pollinate these brands, I think I may be out on the whole damn lot of them.  See point one above to rehash this argument and save my fingers.

If you were betting on copies of Amazing Spider-Man #101 to rapidly gain value with the release of a Morbius movie, then how is your confidence after the trailer was dropped?  Mine…is not super high.  I got the same lack of speculation jubilation when the first Venom trailer was released a few years ago.  We did not see a huge increase in Venom gains as a result.  Are Morbius comics doomed from the start?  I feel like we are being set up to receive a backhand man-slap from Morbius, much like the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #101.

So here we sit trying to figure out what is going on while Morbius sits smugly with that bat-nosed, fanged-up, pasty white complexion and I am wondering if a Madame Web movie is a better stand-alone movie idea than all of this.  Part of me is hopeful that Sony will pull off some miracle and make this all work out…and that part of me looks like an emaciated Jared Leto dying for a morsel of goodness out of what could be a tragic mess.

Are you excited about the upcoming Morbius movie?  Do you feel like we should be mixing the Sony Marvel Universe with the MCU?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!


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Tom February 7, 2020 - 10:27 am

Many thought unkind to guardians of the galaxy. I agree and don’t like the choice of actor but I love morbius and have been waiting for him to appear for a long time so I hope for the best.


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