Michael Vance Retires From Suspended Animation Column

by Jeff
SUSPEND Michael Vance Retires From Suspended Animation Column

Suspended Animation

This will be among my last columns written for Suspended Animation, and it is time to thank those people who have impacted my life and my reviews.

I thank R. A. Jones, Dr. Jon Suter, and Mark Allen for their contributions. Without them, I could not have continued this column for twenty years. I offer double thanks to Mark Allen who will continue Suspended Animation.

My special thanks go to the newspapers, magazines, fanzines and websites that published my reviews, and to my readers. I would deeply appreciate a goodbye from readers who wish to do so at MiklVance@Yahoo.com.

I also wish to thank the comics writers and artists who have enriched and influenced my own writing. They gave me one of the great loves of my life, imagination, and with them, I have traveled into the past and the future, into outer space, and, most importantly, into the human heart.

In comic strips, Walt Kelly (Pogo) and E. C. Segar (Popeye) had a major impact on my own work. Alley Oop by V. T. Hamlin and Dave Graue cannot go unmentioned as well.

Among comic book writers, I honor Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman, John Broome, Gardner Fox, and Stan Lee for what they taught me as a writer, and for thousands of entertaining hours.

Comic book artists to whom I owe gratitude must include Gil Kane, Ogden Whitney, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Wayne Boring. They helped to make my life a four-color adventure.

And finally, I will always love those artists who worked with me in comic strips and books as well. In particular, my deepest, heartfelt thanks go to Wayne Truman, Grass Green, Duane Hanson, C.T. Smith, and Rob Davis. You brought joy into a very solitary life.

And thanks, mom and dad, for not throwing my comic books out.

Michael Vance

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