Michael Collins Birthday Giveaway Continues!

by Jeff
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apollo_11 Michael Collins Birthday Giveaway Continues!There’s still time to become a friend of ComicList on Twitter and Plurk, and possibly win five great books, all in honor of Michael Collin’s birthday! Read on to be refreshed on the details!

As most of you already know, October 31st is the birthday of the Apollo 11 astronaut and one of only 24 people to have flown to the moon, Michael Collins. This year he will turn 79. To celebrate, we at ComicList are going to give away five Marvel Essential trade paperbacks. Now, we understand some of you insist on celebrating October 31st for other reasons, so the books we are giving away will be Essential Tomb Of Dracula Volumes 1 to 4 and Essential Monster Of Frankenstein Volume 1. To make this even more special, we are going to involve two groups of loyal fans, one on Twitter, and the other on Plurk.

We will, on October 31st, give the four Dracula books to one randomly chosen follower on Twitter. We will use twitRand(); to pick the winner. Once the name is chosen, we will send a private message to the winner, who will have 24 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond, a new winner will be chosen, until we get a response. We will then ship out the four books to the address we are given by the winner.

On the same day, we will give the Frankenstein book to a follower on Plurk. Same rules apply, though at this point, we aren’t 100% certain how we are going to randomly choose the Plurk follower.

If you are already following ComicList on Twitter and Plurk, you are a possible winner. If not, now is the time to join up. Whether you win the books or not, when you think about it, given the quality of the updates you will receive, you will be a winner either way!

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