MERCENARY PIG battles animal cruelty and GMO food

by Jeff

FEB140868 MERCENARY PIG battles animal cruelty and GMO foodMedia Release — Food conglomerate Hoof Inc. attempts to hide its evil by eliminating Percy the Pig in Mercenary Pig #1: Meatcutter!, for order in February’s Previews under Aazurn Publishing, FEB140868!

Tom Arvis’ legendary hero and indie favorite Mercenary Pig also battles animal cruelty in this origin story, presented for the first time in its entirety and in full color.

“Genetic food modification, big food, animal abuse — these are in the news,” said Aazurn Publisher Gary Scott Beatty, “but don’t expect pretentiousness in this book. Mercenary Pig is fun action all the way!” Mercenary Pig is a walking, talking, thinking, humanoid pig.

The 48 page Aazurn Publishing book for order in February’s Previews “is the only place you can view the 16-page conclusion to this spectacular character’s astonishing origin,” said creator, writer and artist Tom Arvis, a 20-plus-year indie publishing veteran.

“Other than showing xeroxed copies at comic shows, Percy did not see publication until I redrew, re-inked and re-lettered the first eight pages for the lead featurette in my 2001 black and white, ashcan, anthology comic book, Adolescent Power Fantasies #1, followed by eight more pages in APF #2 in 2005, and then 16 pages in APF #3 in 2009, all published through my Sureshot Comics label.”

Mercenary Pig #1: Meatcutter is a fun read, full of pork humor and over the top action, all in Tom’s chaotic, in your face drawing style,” said Beatty. “Plus it addresses modern concerns.

“Readers tired of the same old thing from comic book conglomerates should add Aazurn Publishing to their pull list. We print just a handful of gems a year, and Mercenary Pig #1 should not be missed.”

A video preview of Mercenary Pig #1: Meatcutter, online at, offers a look at the bizarre circumstances leading to Mercenary Pig’s battle with the sinister Meatcutter. Watch as Percy the Pig begins his guerrilla fight for animal rights — with his fists!

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