MCU Rumors: Power Pack is Coming

by Don

112222G-1024x536 MCU Rumors: Power Pack is ComingBGR recently leaked some huge news about the future of the MCU. As you may know, Kevin Feige provided very limited information about Phase Six and almost no information about Phase Seven. If BGR is right, then you may want to pick up key issues for Power Pack in the near future while they’re still dirt cheap. Power Pack fits Disney’s brand perfectly since it’s geared towards a younger audience and may broaden the MCU’s market to young children. As some MCU historians know, in addition to Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, Power Pack was one of the original properties that Marvel still owned during the 2000s.

Of course, the rumors may not be true, but Power Pack key issues are so affordable that they are low-risk investments. Let’s discuss a few of those issues below.

Power Pack #1: Origin & 1st Appearance of Power Pack

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This early Copper Age key issue contains the origin and first appearance of Power Pack (Alex, Julie, Jack, & Katie Power).

You can purchase a CGC 9.8 for around $250 on eBay. According to the CGC Census, this book is relatively rare. There are only 921 universal blue labels on the Census, and, among those, only 253 9.8s. At the height of the comic boom in 2021, several 9.8s sold for nearly $400. In spite of this recent steep drop, this book has actually steadily grown in value when you look at its value over the long term.

Now, I’m not saying I think this issue will double in value if Marvel confirms this rumor; however, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think this issue could jump 25% to 33% if we ever see a trailer.

Power Pack #27: 1st Encounter between Wolverine and Sabretooth

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As some have already speculated, I think there’s a good chance that Phase Seven will launch the “Mutant Saga” in the MCU. Since this Phase will focus heavily on mutants and may introduce Wolverine and Sabretooth to the MCU, it’s worth considering Power Pack #27, the first issue that Wolverine and Sabretooth cross paths and the first time they share a cover.

When most collectors think of Wolverine and Sabretooth key issues, they usually think of Uncanny X-Men #212 and #213 and Wolverine #10. Power Pack #27 is a sleeper, but it’s significant because it’s the first time they appear in the same issue during the Mutant Massacre storyline.

There are very few graded copies of this issue; in fact, there are only a total of 41 graded copies on the CGC Census.

Power Pack #17: Franklin Richards Joins Power Pack

Screen-Shot-2022-11-20-at-6.54.59-PM-201x300 MCU Rumors: Power Pack is Coming

Since the second Fantastic Four film will also debut during Phase Seven, there’s an excellent chance that Franklin Richards, Reed Richards and Sue Storm’s mutant son, will cross over into the Power Pack series. If he does so, then you may want to consider investing in Power Pack #17, the issue where Franklin joins the Power Pack team. You can probably find copies of this issue in the five-dollar bins. Few buyers have purchased this issue on eBay, but one raw copy described as NM sold for under $10 several months ago.

Would you consider investing in any of these Power Pack issues? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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