Maximum Plunder Gallery Now Available on Our Concert Poster Price Guide!

by Jessica Meyer

Email_Concert_MXP_NowLive-300x115 Maximum Plunder Gallery Now Available on Our Concert Poster Price Guide!We’re excited to announce that we’ve released a new collection on our concert poster price guide! The Maximum Plunder gallery features over 1,000 posters designed by the legendary Mike King. You’ll be able to browse the posters and view information about the events, as well as discover CGC census information and sales data.

Maximum Plunder

This gallery features every poster from the book Maximum Plunder: The Poster Art of Mike King. Mike King is a legendary poster artist from the Pacific Northwest, who has spent decades designing gig posters for countless bands and artists. His posters advertise everything from punk, to metal, to modern rock, to jazz. Thus, you’re sure to find a Mike King poster featuring one of your favorite bands. These posters are truly fun to look at and are a piece of music history. Modern posters like these are growing in value, and our price guide will definitely help you build your collection. Our commitment to transparency will assist you in making great investments while purchasing concert posters.

Check out the price guide for FREE!

Our historic concert poster price guide continues to be FREE to use for a limited time. Maximum Plunder is currently available to browse along with the Family Dog series. Functionalities are still limited for the time being, but we’re working hard to release more robust features in the near future. Additionally, we’re going to be releasing more poster collections in the coming weeks and months, so make sure to keep an eye out! We hope you’re as excited as we are to make collecting better.

Check out the price guide and the Maximum Plunder gallery for FREE today!

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