Maximum Carnage on Movie Screens and the Issues to Watch

by Matt Tuck

Shriek-art-195x300 Maximum Carnage on Movie Screens and the Issues to WatchCarnage will get some company in Sony’s Venom sequel, and it’s looking more like Maximum Carnage will play out on the big screen. Here are the issues you’ll want to watch for.

Sony recently announced that Shriek will be joining the fracas in Venom 2. Adding her to the mix is a strong indication that the film will adapt 1993’s hugely popular crossover, Maximum Carnage. Here are the key issues from that event that could see a surge thanks to the upcoming film.

Before I give you a shopping list, I will leave you with some food for thought. Since Sony is allowed to make movies with Tom Holland portraying Spider-Man, will he be brought into the film? Production is still very early for the Venom sequel, and it stands to reason that Sony could add Holland to the cast list. 

Spider-Man-Unlimited-1-195x300 Maximum Carnage on Movie Screens and the Issues to WatchSPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED #1

Aside from Venom and Carnage, Shriek is the only character confirmed for the upcoming movie. While she’s relatively obscure to mainstream audiences, comic fans will recall her playing a large role in the Maximum Carnage storyline. Bringing her to life will add value to her first appearance in Spider-Man Unlimited #1, which was already on the rise. Last year, the graded 9.8 averaged a modest $62, but October has seen it pick up the pace in dramatic fashion. The past four sales have all been in the triple figures, and the last two were for $175 and $190, the latter of which is a new record.




Infinity-War-1-192x300 Maximum Carnage on Movie Screens and the Issues to WatchINFINITY WAR #1

It’s a stretch to say that Doppelganger will make his live-action debut in Venom 2, but that’s not to say there is zero chance of it. Certainly we aren’t likely to see the monstrous Spider-Man clone onscreen, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see a modified version that’s based on Venom or is another alien life form altogether. Considering it’s basically going to be a monster movie, it would make sense to see the eight-limbed beast wreaking havoc. This issue has never been a major seller, and that keeps the price within reason. The 9.8 averaged $71 last year, and it’s fallen to $45 over the past 90 days.




Spectacular-Spider-Man-25-192x300 Maximum Carnage on Movie Screens and the Issues to WatchSPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #25

Speaking of monsters, Carrion would make a fitting addition to the Venom sequel. He has a convoluted history, but he was originally a clone of the Jackal, Miles Warren, and he debuted in 1978’s Spectacular Spider-Man #25. Over the decades, his origin morphed by varying degrees, but he has remained a zombie-like living corpse. After the Carrion virus passed to Malcolm McBride, that version of the character joined Carnage and Shriek in Maximum Carnage

Although not a major key, SSM #25 still commands a respectable price. In 2008, it carried a fair market value of $121, though it has since fallen to an average of $100 in the past 12 months.



Web-of-Spider-Man-86-198x300 Maximum Carnage on Movie Screens and the Issues to WatchWEB OF SPIDER-MAN #86

I’ll file this under the “honorable mention” heading unless director Andy Serkis and company are planning to completely retool Demogoblin’s origin. After all, in the comics, this is a version of the Hobgoblin, who has not been introduced either in the Sony-verse or the MCU. This is my personal favorite interpretation of the character, and he would look spectacular in live-action. While it may be a far stretch for him to be included in Venom 2, I can keep him on my wish list.

As far as prices, WSM #86 at a 9.8 last sold in July for $137. Back in March, one set a record high of $196. If you are looking to save a few dollars, the 9.6 drops to an FMV of $57 since last fall.


By taking inspiration from Maximum Carnage, Serkis can play in a large sandbox filled with wonderful toys. Hopefully, the movie will have more of a horror flare than the original, and I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll see plenty of monsters that stay true to their comic roots.

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