MAW Productions Announces Jetta – Shi: Arrow of Destiny

by Jeff

May 10, 2008: MAW Productions is proud to announce the release of Jetta – Shi – “Arrow of Destiny”, a one-shot crossover comic book involved pairing the popular ninja, Jetta, with the legendary warrior monk, Shi. Prophesy says Shianndrea Toshigawa (aka Jetta) of the Toshigawa ninja clan is the Chosen One, the one who will protect the earth from the impending invasion of the demon army of the Knave. But all she wants is to have a normal life. After witnessing the brutal slaying of her entire family, Ana Ishikawa (aka Shi), a descendent of the Sohei warrior monks of medieval Japan, transforms herself into the vengeful Shi, the living embodiment of Death. In “Arrow of Destiny”, Jetta and Shi team up to protect a powerful artifact from the evil monster, Orcus, and his horde of the undead. Along the way, they learn that their histories have crossed paths before and the destiny of the world rests in their hands.

Jetta / Shi – “Arrow of Destiny” is 32 pages, perfect bound with full-color cover and full-color interior, and features a pin-up by Batman: Day of Judgment artist Dean Zachary and a back cover painted by Bloodstream creator Adam Shaw. Retail price is $3.99. Jetta / Shi – “Arrow of Destiny” will be available for sale at comic books shops, conventions, and on

It was back in 1995 at Atlanta’s Dragoncon that Martheus Wade , who was showing his art portfolio at the time, got some advice from Shi creator, William Tucci, to publish his own character, Jetta, independently. Now thirteen years later, after starting his own comic book company, MAW Productions, and successfully putting out six books of the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa series on his own, Martheus’ character, Jetta, will appear in a comic book with William Tucci’s character, Shi. Amazing how things come full circle.

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