Mat Broome Forms The End League

by Jeff

Dark Horse Comics proudly presents a new ongoing superhero event sure to have fans of the genre buzzing. For his return to the world of comics, renowned artist Mat Broome teams up with critically acclaimed writer Rick Remender in The End League. A merging of The Lord of the Rings and The Dark Knight Returns, The End League follows a cast of the last remaining supermen and women as they embark on a desperate and perilous journey through a world dominated by evil, in hopes of locating the one remaining artifact that can save their world-the Hammer of Thor.

“I’ve been a big fan of Rick Remender’s work on Fear Agent, and I’ve wanted to work with Mike Richardson and Dark Horse Comics for years on a creator-owned project. This book will set Rick apart from the pack-a Watchmen-sized epic!” said Broome of the team-up.

The battle between good and evil is long since over; evil has prevailed. The entire world is now splintered into mafia-style territories that are ruthlessly controlled by eternally feuding supervillains. Earth itself has been transformed into a nightmarish prison, little more than a polluted, environmental muddle; the decades of superhuman war have sent the planet into a nuclear winter. The only light in the night sky is the glow of the evil new gods as they struggle for dominance.

14608 Mat Broome Forms The End League
Fear Agent Volume 1: Re-Ignition
14609 Mat Broome Forms The End League
Fear Agent Vol. 2: My War
14524 Mat Broome Forms The End League
Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye #1
14525 Mat Broome Forms The End League
Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye #2
14526 Mat Broome Forms The End League
Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye #3
14527 Mat Broome Forms The End League
Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye #4

Only ten champions have managed to survive the villains’ bid to eradicate them. For these former heroes, there exists no hope of defeating the new, dark lords of Earth. The once courageous and gallant have been reduced to pursuing the same primal goal as the remaining human population-survival. To that end, together, these last remaining heroes comprise the small band known only as The End League.

“Mat’s breathtaking illustrations add a dynamic element to the narrative in a way that pulls the dramatic essence of the characters to the forefront,” said Remender of Broome’s art. “If you’re going to do an epic superhero yarn that turns everyone’s heads, you’d better have the best art in the business . . . and we do.”

The subtly philosophical undertone of the story filters through the dialogue and exposes the masterful styling of Remender. The End League merges big, Jack Kirby-influenced action with Rem,ender’s social commentary and elplores what would actually happen if thousands of humans were randomly given superhuman abilities.

The End League is slated for a winter 2008 release.

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