Mastiff Capital Partners Invests in Education Comics

by Jeff

AGOURA HILLS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mastiff Capital Partners, a leading real estate and venture capital investment firm, announced today that the Company has invested in “The Adventures of Scooter McDoogal” – the only reading to learn program centered around a comic book series. The books follow the adventures of Scooter and his friends as they travel through space and time to explore geography, history, science and the arts. Along the way they learn valuable life lessons and get involved in plenty of mischief.

Founded by former teacher Diane Russomanno in 2001, the comic book’s first installments have already been used at selected schools around the country. The series has been universally praised by teachers, students, parents and even members of Congress. Mastiff Capital has joined the project to assist in further developing the Scooter McDoogal brand so that children across America can benefit from this unique approach to education.

“I have two young sons and being an avid reader myself, I find it alarming how technology has replaced reading. When I came across Scooter McDoogal, I was awed by this entire program. Kids are stuck in front of computers and video games which rarely have any educational value. Scooter McDoogal allows children to have fun while they’re learning and should be in every home and school,” said Joseph Fitzpatrick, principal of Mastiff Capital Partners. “This is not meant to replace any current school curriculum or reading programs – it is meant to enhance kids’ love of reading and learning.”

Scooter McDoogal is a uniquely designed series utilizing fiction and nonfiction, making each comic book a very exciting, pleasurable, and motivating learning experience. The fiction contains a magic that enchants and stretches a child’s imagination and is a strong motivational technique utilized to introduce the content area objectives in Science and Social Studies. Currently the series has eight books that coordinate with teachers’ guides and corresponding skills books. Three additional books will be available soon. Television and film projects are currently in development to support the core franchise.

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