MARVELS Sequel To Be Released In December

by Jeff

A sequel to Kurt Busiek’s and Alex Ross’ MARVELS, six years in the making, will be released starting in December.

“Once again, our point of view character and the guy we’re with is Phil Sheldon, and we’ll be picking him up sometime after the original ‘Marvels,’” Brevoort explained. “Along with him on this particular story over these six issues, we’ll be walking through the Marvel universe of the ‘70s and of the ‘80s and also revisiting a couple of key moments from the ‘60s that got skipped over in the original ‘Marvels’ series because they weren’t germane to that story. We’re very much of a kind in terms of the story in the original ‘Marvels’ and a direct sequel in that this is all the stuff that happens to Phil after the end of ‘Marvels’ #4.

  c2b-foot MARVELS Sequel To Be Released In December

One glaring omission from the creative lineup of the book is obviously superstar Ross who made his name in the industry with “Marvels” in 1994. Brevoort said that Ross was aware of the new series, but for various reasons including scheduling conflicts over the past six years, he was unavailable to contribute. “Way back six years ago when we first started this Kurt had a conversation with Alex, and then some time later I spoke to him, and at that point he wasn’t interested in working on the project or being involved. So this is ‘Alex free’ in a sense. Not to make that sound like a good thing or a bad thing. It just is what it is.”

  c2b-foot MARVELS Sequel To Be Released In December

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