Marvel’s SDCC Impact on the Eternals’ Key Issues

by Matt Tuck

The Eternals have been the talk of the comic book community for over a year, but after Marvel Studios unveiled its casting choices to the world, prices for everything Eternals has shot up even more. One issue in particular has quadrupled in a two-year span.

Eternals-Cast-SDCC-300x225 Marvel's SDCC Impact on the Eternals' Key IssuesLast weekend, Marvel presented the cast for the upcoming Eternals movie. It’s been no secret that this film has been in the works, which made the early Eternals issues from the bronze age among the best-selling comics. Now that we know which characters will be playing the biggest roles, it’s more than just Eternals #1 that collectors are eyeing.

Below you’ll find the list of first appearances for the Eternals specifically named at San Diego Comic-Con. The focus here is primarily on the higher grades because those are the ones selling most frequently.



Eternals-1-194x300 Marvel's SDCC Impact on the Eternals' Key IssuesETERNALS #1

This has been one of the hottest comics on the market since the rumors first began that the Eternals would be joining the MCU. The SDCC news that Richard Madden would portray Ikaris only added fuel to the fire. Two years ago, a 9.8 averaged $271, but then the MCU news boosted that to $837 last year. Since SDCC, it’s only twice sold for under $1,300, and the last sale was for $1,500 on July 23. Even a 5.0 is selling for a respectable $50, and the 6.5 is edging close to triple digits.





Eternals-2-193x300 Marvel's SDCC Impact on the Eternals' Key IssuesETERNALS #2

(Update: I initially left this issue off the list and incorrectly named Eternals #3 as the first appearance of Ajak when his debut is actually this issue.)

We’ve already seen the Celestials in Guardians of the Galaxy and in the form of Ego, the Living Planet, in GOTG Vol. 2, and it’s hard to imagine an Eternals movie without them in some fashion. While the Celestials’ inclusion in GOTG helped bump the value for Eternals #2, the first appearance of Ajak will only increase its prices even more now that the character has been included in the film.

Since Marvel’s July 20 SDCC panel, the 9.8 grade has sold four times for an average of $927 with a high of $1,095 in that span. Compare that with 2017 when the median price was $209, and you’ll understand how hot this issue has become. On the more budget-friendly side, an 8.0 is still selling for about $60.

Eternals-3-198x300 Marvel's SDCC Impact on the Eternals' Key IssuesETERNALS #3

When Marvel announced its casting choices for the Eternals, many fans were puzzled as to why Sersi was not on the list. Still, the speculation is that she’s too popular to leave out of the franchise, which is helping to keep this issue in the spotlight. At a 9.8, it’s still consistently selling in the $600-$700 range.






Eternals-5-196x300 Marvel's SDCC Impact on the Eternals' Key IssuesETERNALS #5

The issue most impacted by Marvel’s casting announcement was Eternals #5. The surprise was that superstar actress Angelina Jolie, whom was assumed to be portraying Sersi, was actually cast as Thena, who debuted in Eternals #5. This issue also marks the first appearance of Makkari. Both characters’ histories were later retconned to include appearances in the 1940s, but they were originally created by Jack Kirby in 1976.

Last year, this comic averaged $188, and on July 23, a copy sold for $911. Before that, it brought $600 on July 20.




Eternals-9-194x300 Marvel's SDCC Impact on the Eternals' Key IssuesETERNALS #9

Another gender-swapped role for the upcoming movie, Sprite was written as a male character in Eternals #9. This comic hasn’t experienced the same boom as other issues on today’s list, with the 9.8 last having sold in June for $400. In fact, none of the higher grades have sold since a 9.6 brought $94 on July 11.






Eternals-11-200x300 Marvel's SDCC Impact on the Eternals' Key IssuesETERNALS #11

No other issue shows the impact of the MCU news better than the inclusion of Kingo. Two years ago, this comic averaged just $40 in a 9.8. On July 20, a graded 9.8 Eternals #11 sold for $500, giving it a 90-day average of $463. That means its fair market value is now over four times what it was in 2017, which is astounding.






Eternals-13-193x300 Marvel's SDCC Impact on the Eternals' Key IssuesETERNALS #13

The Forgotten One is better known to comic fans than some of his onscreen counterparts. Although he’s never been particularly popular, Gilgamesh at one time was an Avenger, which leads me to believe he will play a bigger role in the overall MCU.

His first appearance sold for eye-opening numbers following last weekend’s announcement. After averaging $81 in 2018, the graded 9.6 sold for $265 on July 21.




Eternals-1-1985-194x300 Marvel's SDCC Impact on the Eternals' Key IssuesETERNALS #1 (1985)

The only character included in last weekend’s casting news who wasn’t part of the original Eternals run, Phastos made his debut in 1985 when the series was revived for a second volume. Issue #1 is credited as the first appearance of Phastos, a comic that, at a 9.8 grade, had never sold for over $75 until last month. Since June 28, it’s twice sold for $150, and most recently went for $169 on July 15. If Phastos turns out to be a hit with fans, these prices could be a steal after the movie premieres.

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Enrique Gonzalez July 24, 2019 - 6:56 pm

Correction: Ajak first appearance is issue 2. Celestials First appearance is issue 2. I know the market initially went for issue 3 but clearly no reason to keep playing up the book here.

Matt Tuck July 24, 2019 - 8:19 pm

Updated with the correction. Thanks for catching that, Enrique.

NAMOR March 13, 2020 - 9:26 pm

Terrific article, Matt. Thanks for the great research and insights.
Thought I would mention that The Eternals also has a range of Rare Price Variant (test market) issues worth considering as well.. Many of them significant Keys!

For example, issues 1 & 2 both have scarce 30-Cent Price Variants. (right now a CGC 9.8, Eternals #1 sells for over 7K in the price variant, and #2 comes in around 3K for a 9.8)

Numbers 12,13,14,15,16 were all printed in 35 Cent Price Variants, which are considered even more rare, due to the extremely limited test market print runs. It’s believed that these books may actually exist in numbers less than 25 copies per issue. Time will tell how many of these surface on the CGC census. But my personal opinion is that they exist in numbers less than 50 per issue.

You might wonder if any of these 35 Cent Price Variants are significant keys.

#12 the 1st appearance of The UNI MIND. (A powerful gift from the Celestials to the Eternals, enabling a telepathic link)
#13 the 1st appearance of HERO, aka GILGAMESH (considered to be as powerful as THANOS.)
#14 the 1st appearance of Cosmic Robot HULK (basically a giant robot, like the Terminator that is covered in green Hulk skin).

It will be very interesting to see what happens with all these books once the movie comes out. Gilgamesh is confirmed to appear in the film, and it has been rumored that The Uni Mind may be significant as well. -Thanks for reading

Matt Tuck March 21, 2020 - 6:26 pm

Thank you so much for saying that. The idea of a Terminator Hulk sounds pretty awesome.


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