Marvel’s Black Superman

by Mike W

Superman-34-216x300 Marvel's Black Superman“Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman”! One of the most famous quotes in comic history from DC Comics’ Superman.  Similarly, Marvel has numerous heroes that are very comparable to the powers of Superman. Heroes such as Hyperion, Sentry, and Gladiator all posed similar qualities to the Man of Steel. Unfortunately, Marvel may look to unleash their Superman clone in the MCU if fans keep losing faith in Captain Marvel.

Blue Marvel, also known as Adam Brashear, fits Marvel’s direction for the future of the MCU. To explain further, he brings qualities to the superhero lineup that link for the upcoming phases. Brashear is a black superhero in the 1960s where the public worshiped him. He wore a mask to conceal his identity while putting villains away.

mask-off-293x300 Marvel's Black Superman

His powers consist of superhuman strength, flight, enhanced mental perception, and energy generation. During a fight, his mask was torn off and his identity was revealed. Being in the 1960s, the thought of a black superhero was considered sacrilegious. To avoid controversy, President Kennedy asked Blue Marvel to retire and he complied.

ultimate-192x300 Marvel's Black Superman

Now, back to the present day, what a better way to replace the Avengers than with the Ultimates. The Ultimates are a superhero team that has the likes of Black Panther, America Chavez, and yes, Blue Marvel. His powers, along with other teammates are capable of protecting earth on a cosmic, multiverse scale. This team would be better than the Avengers, as they would be able to prevent incoming danger. The first team appearance of the Ultimates is in Ultimates #1 (2015).

Blue Marvel has the ability of anti-matter energy absorption. In addition, he becomes a very powerful individual when he is in the Negative Zone and Quantum Realm. Sound familiar? It should! The rumor is that is where the Fantastic Four have been hiding all these years. It may sound far fetched, but he could be the connection in breaking the Fantastic Four out.

fantastic-four-625x352-1-300x169 Marvel's Black Superman

To sum up, Blue Marvel is an ideal candidate to add to the Marvel superhero lineup. Be sure to grab his first appearance in Adam: Legend of Blue Marvel #1, but it is not a cheap book. I believe it can reach the prices of another superhero, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan). All Blue Marvel needs is the right push from Marvel and the sky is the limit for him!

untitled-194x300 Marvel's Black Superman


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