Marvel Sales Charts For June 2007

by Jeff

Paul O’Brien writes “After a comparatively quiet May, Marvel went all out in June. The major event of the month, WORLD WAR HULK, involved three miniseries and a slew of crossover titles. It would have been a pretty big deal on its own. But June also saw the much-hyped NEW AVENGERS #31, the start of the X-Men’s “Endangered Species” crossover, the start of ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST, and three new ongoing titles – NEW WARRIORS, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and AVENGERS CLASSIC.”

On top of that, the death of Captain America is still pulling in sales, the Initiative books are continuing to benefit from the fall-out of CIVIL WAR, and Spider-Man is still in emo mode. And that’s before we even get to the other new miniseries. In short, there’s an awful lot going on right now.

Once again, Marvel dominated DC in terms of direct market share, but this month’s margin is outrageously wide. In units, Marvel won by 48% to 29% – in dollars, 44% to 27%. That margin reflects the fact that Marvel are having a good year in the direct market, and DC… well, DC aren’t.

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