Marvel Pulse #76: Marvel Previews for June 2007 and more!

by Jeff

Marvel Previews for June 2007

Marvel’s sizzling in June! There’s Bagley’s final issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, the beginning of Annihilation: Conquest, seven issues of World War Hulk madness, the landmark X-Men #200 and much more!

New Spider-Man 3 Video Game Footage

Check out this fresh Spidey 3 game clip, featuring in-game footage of the vast underground areas, black costume action and a wicked Spider-Man vs. Sandman battle.

Wizard World Los Angeles Wrap-up

Marvel swept through the City of Angels last weekend, leaving in its wake a flood of awesomeness. Check out all the news and peep the official Marvel WWLA photo gallery, Toy Gallery and Sketchbook.

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