Marvel News from WWC

by Jeff

The latest Marvel Comics news from the Wizard World Chicago convention:

Alex Ross will be co-plotting a series at Marvel called “The Return,” which apparently involves Captain America to some degree. Joe Quesada says “It’s going to be really spectacular.” According to Ross, his painting of Captain America is designed “to grab the eye of course with the forthcoming return of Captain America. You know there’s got to be some kind of return coming, so what is it? It’s appropriately mysterious.”


Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch will produce 12 issues of the Fantastic Four starting in 2008.


Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards will produce a new series called “1985.”


Simon Spurrier and artist Tan Eng Huat will create a Silver Surfer series called “In Thy Name.”


Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld are creating a new Killraven series.

David Michelinie, Bob Layton and Ron Lim will produce “Iron Man: Legacy of Doom.”

The US Post Office released the Marvel Stamp Collection.

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