MARVEL: Dabel Brothers Announce First Foray Into Orson Scott Card’s ‘Ender’s Universe’

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Starting in spring, 2007, Dabel Brothers invite readers to experience an original story featuring Card’s Ender Wiggin.

In January, 2006, the Dabel Brothers stunned the comic book world with their faithful and lavishly illustrated adaptation of New York Times Bestselling author Orson Scott Card’s epic novel, The Tales of Alvin Maker: Red Prophet. Later that spring, they released the initial issue of Wyrms, yet another adaptation of another popular novel by Orson Scott Card.

They were just getting warmed up.

0765308738.01.MZZZZZZZ MARVEL: Dabel Brothers Announce First Foray Into Orson Scott Card’s ‘Ender’s Universe’
First Meetings: In the Enderverse
by Orson Scott Card

The Dabel Brothers and Marvel Comics recently announced at the New York Comic Con that beginning in the Spring of 2007, they will be bringing the universe of Ender Wiggin, the central character of Card’s beloved, multi-Hugo and Nebula winning novels Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead, into the visual medium with an original story written by Orson Scott Card specifically for comics.

“We’re all huge fans of the Enderverse, and we can’t wait to see what our readers think of this project,” said Ernst Dabel, President and CEO of Dabel Brothers Productions. “Ask any fan of Orson Scott Card what novel made him become one of their favorite writers, and most will tell you, without hesitation, that Ender’s Game is not only their favorite book that he has written, but one of their favorite books of all time!”

“We’ve enjoyed adapting Orson Scott Card’s other novels, and we’re tremendously thrilled to be working with him so closely on this project. Bringing the Enderverse to life will be the next step in a fantastic partnership, and we know that fans and critics are going to love what we produce.”

The original Enderverse story will be titled Gold Bug and will take place sometime near the end of Ender’s Game, as Andrew “Ender” Wiggin arrives on a new colony world as its first governor. It will be written by Orson Scott Card and published as part of the hardcover collection of the first volume of the comic book adaptation of his own The Tales of Alvin Maker: Red Prophet, published by Marvel Comics and produced by Dabel Brothers Productions. The new Enderverse story will feature art by Jin Han, a professional conceptual artist and sculptor hand-picked by Mr. Card himself. It will be scripted by Jake Black (who also adapted Orson Scott Card’s Wyrms for Dabel Brothers Productions). Additional Enderverse projects are planned for the future, and will be announced by Dabel Brothers Productions later in the year.

Card wrote the 11,000-word short story, which will not be published anywhere until after the comic book adaptation appears, giving Dabel Brothers Productions the first appearance of this story anywhere, in any form.

“I’m thrilled to continue to work with the Dabel Brothers to expand the Enderverse with this new story,” remarked Orson Scott Card. “Jin Han is my artist of choice for all Ender’s Game material, and Jake Black is a writer I rely on to do excellent work; it doesn’t hurt that I also regard them both as friends. My work has never been in better hands.”

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