Marvel Comics Product Updates

by Jeff

Nova Annual #1 (DEC07 2209, $3.99) will have art by Wellinton Alves, Mahmud Asrar & Klebs.

• Due to last-minute content additions, Exiles TP Vol. 16: Starting Over (DEC07 2274), originally solicited at $14.99, will now carry a cover price of $19.99.

Hulk #1 (NOV07 2150, $2.99) will have a new cover by Ed McGuinness that will differ from the cover shown in Marvel Previews.

Exiles: Days of Then & Now (NOV07 2192, $3.99) will have pencils by Carlos Ferreira, Zach Howard, Paul Azaceta, Mario Gully, Arnold Pander and Wayne Nichols.

The Marvel Holiday Special (OCT07 2114, $3.99) will have a new cover by Ron Lim, shown here.

X-Men TP Volume 1: Complete Onslaught Epic (OCT07 2191, $29.99), solicited at 272 pages, will now run 256 pages and contain X-Men #53-#54, Uncanny X-Men #334-#335, Fantastic Four #414-#415, Avengers #400-#401, Onslaught: X-Men, Cable #34 and Incredible Hulk #444.

Marvel Spotlight: One More Day/Brand New Day (SEP07 2178, $2.99), solicited at 32 pages, will now run 40 pages.

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