Marvel Comics 07/04/07 Previews

by Jeff

Check out these sneak previews of some of the Marvel Comics that will be available 07/04/07.

Marvel Zombies Army of Darkness #5
Written by JOHN LAYMAN Penciled by FABIANO
Ash is the last man standing, with super-powered zombies around every corner. It may be the end of the road for the intrepid adventurer, unless he dares to awake-the Army of Darkness! It’s the final chapter in this best-selling limited series bringing together two of horror’s top franchises! Don’t miss the excitement! 32 PGS./Parental Advisory 2.99

Ms. Marvel #17
Written by BRIAN REED Penciled by AARON LOPRESTI Cover by
M.O.D.O.K., Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel collide in the conclusion to ‘READY, A.I.M., FIRE!’ M.O.D.O.K.’s big ol’ head is about to explode in the middle of Times Square! A traitor in Carol’s crew is revealed! Two characters will die – – and a new super-villain will be born! Brian Reed (NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI) and Aaron Lopresti (INCREDIBLE HULK) continue their whirlwind run and bring you more madness for the leader of the Mighty Avengers. 32 PGS./Rated A 2.99

New Avengers Transformers #1
Written by STUART MOORE Penciled by TYLER
It’s time to Assemble-and Roll Out! What in the world could unite Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Autobots? Maybe the Decepticons and Dr. Doom know! War is about to break out on the border between Latveria and Symkaria — unless two unique teams of heroes can unravel a dark mystery… that is, if they don’t destroy each other first! Stuart Moore (WOLVERINE, PUNISHER X-MAS SPECIAL) and Tyler Kirkham (X-MEN: PHOENIX WARSONG) bring together fan-faves like Wolverine, Megatron, Spider-Man and Optimus Prime in this all-new, four-issue, widescreen adventure! 32 PGS./Rated T+ 2.99

New Warriors #2
Written by KEVIN GREVIOUX Penciled by PACO MEDINA Cover
Someone is gift-wrapping super-villains for the police, defacing Superhuman Registration posters, and raising eyebrows from City Hall to Tony Stark’s war chamber. And the only clue to their identity? Two spray-painted letters: N.W. Are the New Warriors really back? As the NYPD Costumed Division inches closer and closer to the truth and Stark unveils his master plan for dealing with these juvenile upstarts, the ex-mutant formerly known as Wind Dancer actually makes contact. Up from the grave: Night Thrasher! 32 PGS/Rated T+ 2.99

Runaways #27
Written by JOSS WHEDON Penciled by MICHAEL RYAN Cover by JO
‘DEAD END KIDS’ Has there always been a ‘Runaways?’ No. Then what does the above cover mean? You’re going to have to read it to find out, True Believers. Joss Whedon (ASTONISHING X-MEN, Buffy) and Michael Ryan (NEW EXCALIBUR) bring you more twists and turns as the Runaways go somewhere they’ve never been before. 32 PGS./Rated T+ 2.99

Thor #1
Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI Pencils and Cover by OLIVIER
COIPEL Variant Cover by TBA
Not a clone! Not a robot! Not an imaginary story! The God of Thunder is officially BACK! You’ve waited for it, you’ve demanded it…and we say thee YEA! The Odinson comes roaring to life in this highly anticipated ongoing series by red-hot superstars J. Michael Straczynski (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Olivier Coipel (HOUSE OF M)! But how does a god return from Ragnarok? And what place will he find in a world torn by CIVIL WAR? 32 PGS./Rated T+ 2.99

Uncanny X-Men #488 Written by ED BRUBAKER Pencils and Cover by SALVADOR
‘The Extremists’ The X-Men (re-united with Storm) take to the tunnels to discover why the Morlocks have been erupting with violence. It ain’t going to be pretty. Also, Professor X goes off in search of a VERY IMPORTANT character from X-History. Do not miss this tale brought to you by the white-hot team of ED BRUBAKER (CAPTAIN AMERICA, DAREDEVIL) and SALVADOR LARROCCA (NEWUNIVERSAL, X-MEN). Part 2 (of 6) 32 PGS./Rated T+ 2.99

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