Marvel Zombies 3 Comes Back For A Second Printing

by Jeff

Marvel is pleased to announce Marvel Zombies 3 #1 has quickly sold out at Diamond and, due to popular demand, will return with Marvel Zombies 3 #1 Second Printing Variant!  From the scream team of Fred Van Lente (Incredible Hercules) and Kev Walker (Annihilation: Nova), comes the third installation of the acclaimed series that fans have devoured almost as ravenously as the book’s flesh-eating characters!  When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Marvel U!  That’s right, True Believers! The super-undead have infected the Marvel U! Now, before the zombie plague starts to spread, the Initiative is going to have to call upon the most unlikely team of heroes – featuring, Machine Man!  Plus, check out the all new explosive cover featuring the interiors of artist, Kev Walker!  

The reviews are in and the critics are raving about this deadly new series! 

“Marvel Zombies 3 #1 is just what the franchise needed: an injection of Van Lente, straight into the brain… It’s sleek and violent and funny, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.” – Timothy Callahan of

“This creative team does its job and squeezes out another interesting start for a Marvel Zombies mini-series… I’m in baby! I’m in!” – Paul Brian McCoy of 

“The Marvel Zombies continue to live up to their name… As with Van Lente, Walker is a satisfying, if unremarkable, replacement for the old guard” – Jesse Schedeen of

MarvelZombies3_01_SecondPrinting Marvel Zombies 3 Comes Back For A Second Printing

Following the tradition of Marvel Zombies with staggering sell outs of the first two series, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Marvel Zombies 3, as the hordes of fans continue to hunger for more. 

Time is quickly running out for a cure!  Does Machine Man have what it takes to travel to the Zombieverse and find the one item needed before the Marvel U is consumed?  You can only find out the answers to these questions and more, True Believers, in Marvel Zombies # #1 Second Printing Variant!

Pencils and Cover by KEV WALKER
Parental Advisory … $2.99
FOC – 10/23/08, On-Sale – 11/12/08

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