Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Available NOW

by Jeff

61itGCbJkxL_AA280_2 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Available NOWMedia Release — Hi True Believers, the day has finally arrived. Starting today you once again get to control the largest army of Super Heroes EVER – this time in the most epic battle to grip the Marvel Universe, the Civil War.

Will you side with Iron Man and his Pro-Registration forces or will you join Captain America and fight for the forces of liberty? This is not just a question. Get your copy today, put your money where your mouth is, and JOIN THE FIGHT!


The developers at Vicarious Visions have been diligently working on this labor of love for the past few years and are ridiculously excited for you to play. They are so excited that they are going to be on Xbox Live this Saturday, September 19th from 3PM – 6PM PST, and waiting to play with you. Log into your Xbox Live account, get into a game, fuse your powers, and see how powerful you truly are! For more information check out or click here.


Come back to and for all your Activision Marvel video game news and needs. We’ll be making updates and announcements in the months to come, so be sure to stay in the know.

VIP membership gets you early and exclusive access to in-game content, cool swag, the developers, and more! For Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 VIP members got access to alternate character costumes, an Ask-a-Developer community mission, an opportunity to get their faces in our website mural, and an opportunity to get flown out to meet the developers themselves at their studio in Albany, NY. Being a part of the Hero HQ VIP community gets you all this and more! Join the community now!

For being part of the community we’ll give you access to discounts on both the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Brady Strategy Guide and the Marvel Encyclopedia. When you click on the strategy guide enter MUA220 and when you click on the encyclopedia enter dkmarvel.


The war rages both on your consoles and on your computer. Our online mini-game, Civil War Online, has been a series of heroically fought battles that continues to challenge each side. Be sure to join the battle for your side to emerge victorious!

The Largest Army of Super Heroes EVER is back! Pick up your copy, choose your side, and JOIN THE FIGHT TODAY!!!

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