Marvel Two-In-One #30: The Rise of Spider-Woman

by Norman Robinson III

129453_a7c0bcdc0ecf7a66cfb160090769daf4139bf982-194x300 Marvel Two-In-One #30: The Rise of Spider-WomanThis classic cover has a unique early version of Spider-Woman that might piqué your interest. It is kind of like early Daredevil where he wears the yellow suit, so different and old school you gotta grab ’em. If you notice on this cover she doesn’t let her hair down. While this is a small nuance it makes for a prototype and interesting early model of Spider-Woman. Apparently, her comics are on the rise. Spider-Woman first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #32. Then in Marvel Two-In-One #30 which is actually her second appearance. Now everyone chases the first appearance, but often times the second appearance and even cameo first appearances are great investments.

This character is before the age of the Spider-Verse and therefore, has a really great chance of showing up in a movie or on a streaming service. In addition to being a second appearance key, this Two-In-One is also one of the comics from the era of $.35 Cent Variant. Are you chasing the variant or just the second appearance Spider-Woman? Can this book actually produce a profit? If past is prologue, let’s see where this spider crawls…


Marvel originally published Spider-Woman in 1978 in Marvel Spotlight #32 as a one shot to protect the copyright. It has a small back story from Stan Lee which is kind of interesting so I will include it here:


128857_b14b4e1c564a602b1961861dc93f3d2cdafdb9b7-1-194x300 Marvel Two-In-One #30: The Rise of Spider-Woman“I suddenly realized that some other company may quickly put out a book like that and claim they have the right to use the name, and I thought we’d better do it real fast to copyright the name. So we just batted one quickly, and that’s exactly what happened. I wanted to protect the name because it’s the type of thing where someone else might say, ‘Hey why don’t we put out a Spider-Woman; they can’t stop us.’ You know, years ago we brought out Wonder Man and DC Comics sue because they had Wonder Woman and I said okay, I’ll discontinue Wonder Man,” Stan Lee then Publisher of Marvel Comics. (Wiki)

Though created to protect the trademark “Spider-Woman sold unexpectedly well” and Marv Wolfman took over the ongoing series. The rest is history. This Marvel Two-In-One is a little known book that has a great deal of potential and can be picked up in raw condition for under $20 almost any shop that has Bronze Age comics. Marvel Two-In-One #30 created by Marv Wolfman (script) with pencils by Rich Buckler and John Buscema. Over the long-term this comic has the following returns:

  • Grade 9.8 Last sale $91 positive return +9%
  • Grade 9.6 Last sale $84 positive return +102.3%
  • Grade 9.4 Last sale $110 positive return +130.8%
  • Grade 9.2 Last sale $23.50 negative return –34.7% (There was one bad sale four years ago, hardly conclusive)
  • Grade 9.0 Last sale $30 N/A

673570_marvel-two-in-one-30-35-cent-variant-196x300 Marvel Two-In-One #30: The Rise of Spider-WomanThese numbers are as powerful as a “venom blast” from Spider-Woman. The long-term trend for this book bodes well for its potential future rise. Should this character ever get her own show, watch the sparks fly on this and her first appearance. Short-Term the GoCollect analyzer only has enough data for grade 9.6 but you will be happy to read that comes in at positive +12.2%. Short-Term or long, Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) is profitable. This character could play a huge part in the MCU at some point and makes a great modern woman superhero from the original comic book. Try to spin a web and catch a copy while it is still cheap to buy Marvel Two-In-One #30.

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