Marvel Team-Up Ranks as November’s Most-Searched Title

by Matt Tuck

120222D-1024x536 Marvel Team-Up Ranks as November's Most-Searched TitleWhat were collectors searching for in November? According to our data, they had their sights set on some classic Bronze Age titles along with a historic Man of Steel comic.

Throughout the past month, collectors were taking to GoCollect for some interesting choices. Based on search terms, Marvel Team-Up assumed the top position on the list. That raises the question, why were speculators keeping track of these comics?


Marvel-Team-Up-15-200x300 Marvel Team-Up Ranks as November's Most-Searched Title

No surprise, it all boils down to the MCU. 

Love it or hate it, the secondary market is overwhelmingly driven by the world of live-action movies and shows, and to a lesser extent, cartoons. When it comes to collecting, anything that can give a leg up on the competition is welcome. At the rate that Marvel is introducing new characters—practically churning them out by the week these days—it takes quite the effort to stay ahead of the curve. The best bet is to play a bit of a guessing game and take a risk on those speculative stories, particularly from the 1970s. 

With those new characters come big team-ups on the screen. To introduce the fresh faces, Marvel Studios has paired them with their established stars, which is something the comics have been doing for decades, hence the Marvel Team-Up series. Traditionally, Spider-Man has been the star, and each issue paired him with a different hero. In some cases, it became the first meeting between characters, like the time he met Ghost Rider in Marvel Team-Up #15, which makes those keys affordable compared to, say, the first appearances. With so many characters crossing into one another’s MCU franchises, it could pay dividends to collect all the Marvel Team-Up copies you can find.


Superman-1-214x300 Marvel Team-Up Ranks as November's Most-Searched Title

Not to be outdone, DC’s superheroic pillar found his way into the second spot as Superman #1 was highly searched throughout November. As rare as this issue is in any grade, I imagine the interest was more for curiosity due to the record values the historic comic generates.

Avengers #10

Avengers-10-200x300 Marvel Team-Up Ranks as November's Most-Searched Title

Next up is Avengers #10. What makes this comic special is twofold. First, there is the debut of a more famous Kang the Conqueror variant, the time lord, Immortus. There’s also the matter of the first usage of the famous phrase, “Avengers, assemble!,” though the former is the most likely reason this issue is so popular at the moment. 

Something is Killing the Children #1

SomethingKillingChildren_v1_SC_Cover_HIGH-195x300 Marvel Team-Up Ranks as November's Most-Searched Title

GoCollect users switched gears to the Modern Era with the fourth-most searched term, Something Is Killing the Children #1. The comic that truly established James Tynion, IV as the comic world’s Stephen King, the initial issue of SIKTC is a high-dollar pickup no matter the printing, and it was racking up huge numbers before Netflix announced a live-action series was in development. Once a trailer drops, things will likely get out of hand in short order.

Star Wars

star_wars-001-200x300 Marvel Team-Up Ranks as November's Most-Searched Title

Bringing up the fifth spot is Star Wars. There wasn’t a particular issue connected to this search, so it’s not clear what exactly users were looking for. Thanks to Andor restoring the faith that Disney is capable of making an engaging and mature Star Wars project, it should have secondary market repercussions. Of course, the real game-changer is The Mandalorian, and the upcoming third season should move the needle. 

Here’s the full top-10 list:









9. X-MEN

10. X-MEN #101

Are you surprised by the hottest searches over the past month? Let us know below!

000080221A_Posters_2-Footer Marvel Team-Up Ranks as November's Most-Searched Title*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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