Marvel Sales Charts For September 2008

by Jeff

Paul O’Brien writes:

The eight-month SECRET INVASION crossover continued to dominate Marvel’s output in September, sprawling across a whole load of tie-in books. Marvel are saving most of their new launches until after the event, but this month did see the launch of a new solo DEADPOOL series, as well as a second Stephen King adaptation, THE STAND.

As usual, Marvel had the largest market share in the direct market – the surprise is just how big it was. In dollar share, Marvel led DC by 45% to 27%. In unit share, the lead was a staggering 51% to 28%.

  c2b-foot Marvel Sales Charts For September 2008

This is pretty remarkable, but it’s worth noting that Marvel actually sold a few more copies, in real terms, on a couple of occasions in 2007. Their market share in September was helped by an exceptionally poor performance from DC, who failed to ship most of their major titles. (FINAL CRISIS, BATMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA and FINAL CRISIS: LEGION OF 3 WORLDS all failed to appear – in August, they sold over 450K in total.) And in fairness, DC still has a significantly bigger share of the trade paperback market. But there’s no denying this was a fantastic month for Marvel.

  c2b-foot Marvel Sales Charts For September 2008

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