Marvel Sales Charts For November 2008

by Jeff

Paul O’Brien writes:

November was meant to be the final month of SECRET INVASION, but that slipped into December, taking some high-profile crossover issues with it. In fact, perhaps the most striking feature of this month’s chart is the number of high profile books that are missing: no SECRET INVASION, no NEW AVENGERS, no MIGHTY AVENGERS, no ASTONISHING X-MEN, no THOR.

Since Marvel are saving most of their new titles for the upcoming “Dark Reign” promotion, there’s not much in the way of new books either. The month’s highest profile release was ULTIMATUM #1. There’s a couple of low-profile miniseries, and, uh, that’s about it, really.

With FINAL CRISIS and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA also absent, it’s a weird month all round. As usual, Marvel had the biggest share of the direct market, but it’s closer than usual. They led DC by 43% to 35% in unit share, but in dollar share, it’s a mere 37% to 34%.

  c2b-foot Marvel Sales Charts For November 2008

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