Marvel Sales Charts For December 2008

by Jeff

Paul O’Brien writes at The Beat:

After nine long months – the final issue was slightly late – SECRET INVASION finally wrapped up in December, and “Dark Reign” immediately began. Not quite a crossover as such, “Dark Reign” is more akin to the “Initiative”-bannered books that appeared in the aftermath of CIVIL WAR. Those titles did well, even though the links between them were often tenuous, and it looks like the pattern will be repeated with “Dark Reign.”

Outside that promotion, the big new releases of the month include the launch of the heavily-promoted Noir titles; a couple of X-Men minis; the new WAR MACHINE title; and INCOGNITO, the new series from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.

As usual, Marvel had the biggest share of the North American direct market. In dollar share, they took 45% to DC’s 29%, and in unit share,they took a shade under 50% against DC’s 31.%

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