Marvel Sales Charts For August 2008

by Jeff

Paul O’Brien writes:

It’s month five of SECRET INVASION, and the crossover continues to dominate Marvel’s output. August also sees the X-books continuing their “Manifest Destiny” direction, and relaunches for RUNAWAYS and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN FAMILY.

Marvel’s share of the North American direct market continues to hold up well. This time round, they beat DC in dollar share by 41% to 33%, and unit share by 48% to 33%. But there’s a fly in the ointment, as DM periodical sales have now been sliding for seven straight months. Graphic novels are up, but that’s entirely due to the sudden surge of WATCHMEN sales.

All a bit discouraging, then. But hey, what isn’t, these days? There was a time when comics used to be relatively recession-proof, but then in those days, Marvel weren’t charging four dollars for an issue of a miniseries.

  c2b-foot Marvel Sales Charts For August 2008

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